Monday, November 7, 2011

Light me up...

One of my all time favorite collectibles are bird themed items. Artwork, chatkes, linens, etc... It sorta goes with the whole garden/ nature theme thing I have going on in my house. I often ask myself when perusing for avian based goodies--do I REALLY need it? Do I have room for one more? When is it to much of a good thing?  I obviously have NOT reached that point yet, ha! Because check out my newest acquisition from the thrift store in all of its granny-chic glory!

Close up of the detail. The flowers are identical to the lamps in my living room. And the color is only a slight shade variance.

Obviously the lampshade is going to be replaced with something more modern this.

I am going to rewire (better safe than sorry) and all the heavy brass accents will be sprayed in chrome finish to match my other lamps.

I purchased the lamp at Goodwill. Originally $15.00, but it was 50% off day--yay! 
The lamp shade is $19.99 (but I am holding out for a coupon). 
1 can of chrome spray paint $8.99. 
Re-wire kit is $5.50. 
So I am currently looking at $42,  which isn't bad considering a comparable lamp would cost $80.00. 
As soon as it is finished I will post a pic of the after AND see it I can come under my estimated cost of $42

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