Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Baking up a batch of Banana Bread

Well  technically  it is Choco-chip Banana bread. MMmmmmmm....

 Don't you just love when you find a bargain? Except when it doesn't look real pretty. But then you just gotta look past the ugly. Banana's for $0.19 a pound is a great deal. Except they were UHG-LEE. Very ripe. Over ripe. 

But those are the perfect kind of banana's to bake with with. They are nice and soft and much sweeter. So I picked up a bunch (or two) and made a couple batches of choco-chip banana bread. 

I also cheated and used a biscuit mix  because I could.  And I was in a hurry.  A hurry to get my feedbag on, haha.  Check out my recipes tab for the recipe. 

It is just as easy to make 2 6 loaves as is it is just 1 loaf. And this stuff frreezes great! If it actually could make it to the freezer instead of my piehole mouth....Schowwry Ima eatin bread..cant tawlk...mmmmmm

P.S and FYI--this is a very dense albeit moist bread!


  1. We love banana bread at our house. I use butterscotch chips but chocolate chips would be awesome, too. I need to bake some soon!


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