Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Sunday Stroll around my yard

Happy Sunday Y'all! 

What a BEAUTIFUL morning!  The hubbs was up early to go fishing so I decided to head out in the garden in the wee hours this morning. 6:30 am found me groggy and bleary eyed but I am glad I was out before the waves of heat came rolling in.

I took the dogs out with me but decided Chubbs could be my garden buddy this  morning. He is 10 and  his favorite thing to do is his impression of a speed bump. Except today he was rather alert.  

Here he is inspecting my raised bed's project

Zombie dog and killer garden mist! lol

The morning mist on a grape leaf.

If I can keep the critters off of them--I may get some yummy grapes this year!

My outta control perennial bed.

Dew covered Asiatic Lily

Evil sneaky weed planning to overthrow my garden bed. It must be stopped!

I thought this plant is a daisy--but now I am not sure. oops!

My Cone-flowers are as tall as me.

It just screams HELLO!!

Butterfly bush beginning to flower

A thirsty petunia

A perfect dew covered rose.

I have lots more to share but I am tired. Last night was a very late night 3am and back up at 6:30am. ugh! Then this afternoon I had a 70 minute drive each way to attend my nephews graduation. I am glad to be at home in the AC and it is quiet. Umm I think I need a nap! So I am gonna go dream about all my fruits, veggies and flowers. What is growing in your yard?


  1. Sandra Sullivan MillerMay 27, 2012 at 6:45 PM

    We where out checking our garden this morning and the carrots, pole beans,corn,peppers, and tomato plants are coming along nicely. We to have to weed out the flower beds but everything is really coming along. As far as the heat I'm done I like it alot cooler.... Happy Gardening

    1. @Sandra--I know this heat is awful! I try to go out in the evening when it is cool but then the bugs view me a buffet. Early morning is best but I am such a night owl!

  2. The flowers are beautiful and Chubbs is quite a nice looking dog.

    1. Thanks K! Chubbs is my favorite boy, haha. He is such a lovable, hug-able, goofball. He isn't isn't as social as my other dog Tovah (she's a spoiled princess)but I love him. Even if he is kinda neurotic at times.

  3. Chubbs as a speed bump--now that's funny!
    I can't believe your coneflower. Mine have barely broken out of the dirt.
    Stay cool!

    1. Sue-He's really, really good at it! And of course always right in my way. In front of the fridge. In front of the stove. (He's a smart boy--he knows where the food comes from)

      Everything in my perennial bed comes up early. I believe it is because of the heat mass from the concrete block (Garage wall). It makes it's own micro-climate. Well that and every winter I put down a good 4-6 inches of straw on the flower beds. I usually pull it back in March and rake it out in April. I have a 2 -3 foot tall rosemary bush that overwinters there with out issue.


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