Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Feelin' hot, hot, hot

It is simply to hot to be the end of May. I am convinced there is some kind of mass hallucination to make us believe it is May instead of like August. Which is what it feels like. Some crazy government experiment in quantum time leap gone awry. It is a conspiracy I say! That sounds kinda crazy....ummmm... just kidding...haha haha ha? Maybe I watch to much SyFy...yeah--that's it...ahem...
Quantum Leap-- I loved that show!!
I wonder how many times I can stick my head in the freezer to cool off before I blow the compressor on my fridge? Our AC is working overtime. My downstairs is cool but upstairs is boiling lava hot. There is a 15°F difference between the 2 levels. Even with 3 fans running at high speed upstairs. Oh--the joys of a century old house.

I am not kidding about the heat. It is simply oppressive. 92°F in the shade today. UGH!  I was lamenting the fact that I wish we had a screened in porch with ceiling fans and  a fenced yard because then we could have pool.

I can hear the squeak and snap of the screen door
Painted Porch
I could totally nap here...
The Marley n Me house
Yes please!
Wow--love this!

Yeah... something like that....someday....siiiggghhhh


  1. I grew up in a big ol'house with a screen porch. It was heavenly to sleep out there in the summers. We ate our suppers out there....it was the most used (and loved!) room of the house. I saw that the new owners BOXED IT IN!!!!!!!! What idiots!

  2. Don't worry, the weather is changing as we speak!! We'll be wearing sweaters by the end of the week and then wishing we were back in the heat. Canada, eh? Gotta love it!

  3. HORRENDOUS heat here too, with high humidity. I love those screen porches. The farmhouse had a nice huge porch (30' long by 10' deep) and on my someday bucket list, would be screening it in. Of course, there is a backdoor off the dining room that goes "nowhere" and a screen in room there would be nice too. Those pictures are awesome.

    I've got a feeling it's going to be a long hot Summer.


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