Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hey there Romeo

Picture it...Sicily 1924...oops-sorry- Golden Girl flashback. Anyone else like that show?  I love that show. Still after 25 years. I will be channel surfing and if I come across this show, it doesn't matter if I have seen the episode a time (or ten) before. I will stop and watch it..again.
 ANY-HOO... The hubbs and I were installing the flower boxes. I had the hubbs check the upstairs brackets because they were looking a tad rusted and unsafe. All I could picture was me being ker-splatted by a flower box. Like the house crushing witch scene in  the Wizard of Oz . Yep that's the one

Instead of house killing the witch it would be death by flower box.  Not saying I'm a witch (or anything that rhymes with it...) All that would remain would be my  dirty garden clogs and tattered gloves.
So the hubbs is slinging this 24 ft. ladder around (which is making me kind of nervous) and tells me to open the bedroom window. So I run up the stairs (ok I walk briskly)  and hear such a clatter, flung open the sash  and  to see what's the matter....hahahaha--just kidding!. The hubbs is climbing up the ladder, lugging the planter box with him and all I could think to say is, "Hey there Romeo".

We had a brief dialog and I assure you it was not Shakespearean in nature. It went a little something like this...
me: "hey there Romeo"
hubbs: "hey there Tonya-poo-poo (Yes that is actually one my nicknames)
me: "no it's Juliet. as in Shakespeare"
hubbs: What?
me: "Did you ever pay attention in school?" "You know?? ROMEO AND JULIET!"
hubbs: "Oh yeah!" hahahhaha
Of course then I laughed because the whole thing was goofy.

So the one time a guy ever climbs up a ladder to my bedroom window--it's my 52 yr old hubbs lugging a planter box and we botched Romeo and Juliet. But I guess that's ok because maybe it should have been a Rapunzel scene? Or Roxanne? Anyway here are the pics of the flower box in place. 

The  hubbs assured me the bolts are ok. AND he promised next year I can have new flower box brackets. Good because I am gonna get those heavy duty forged iron ones...just so I know they are nice and secure!


  1. Well, he may have botched Romeo and Juliet, but he's there, lugging out a ladder and fixing stuff. Men are practical, women are romantics. It's amazing we ever connect...LOL!

  2. Love Sue's comment above. She's so right! Cute story.


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