Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lett-uce have a moment of silence

For my lettuce (and spinach) bed is no more. It has been destroyed by a marauding, slimy band of slugs and cabbage worms. And some other evil looking bugs that I can't identify.

I noticed a few nibbles and thought it's ok I have plenty-- a few little blemishes won't hurt. There had been constant rainfall and I couldn't get out to look at the bed or harvest because the backyard has been a swamp. Until Monday when I saw the carnage. In my enthusiasm of over planting (thinking it will choke out the weeds) it made a perfect incubator for DOZENS of  cabbage worms and even more slugs...umm EEEWWW!

I am so sad! The skeletal remains of the  lettuce and  spinach were ripped from the raised bed. (The hubbs was helping me so no time for pictures). So I sat next to the raised bed Wednesday night for about 30 minutes after the bed was cleared and watched dozens of slugs come to the top of the soil. I picked them out and dropped them in an nearly empty beer can. So gross! There was enough beer that they drowned. But hopefully they weren't feeling any pain, haha
'Nati light is good for something

I already had green onions/ chives planted (which I THOUGHT was a natural deterrent) After the clean-out I sprayed everything with an insecticidal soap because my radishes look a little munched on. The carrots and chives are fine. Maybe I should  plant some marigolds as an extra measure?

 I planted the strawberries and so far they look happy. I think I will make this raised bed a permanent strawberry bed (assuming my strawberries survive) once I harvest the carrots and chives. I can't plant the strawberries in the lower tier because of the chives. Not good companion plants.

I am going to reseed some planter boxes near the house with some leaf lettuce. So I can keep a much closer eye on them. Good thing lettuce grows fast!

How do you deal with with the bugs making a buffet out of your veggies? I am always looking for hints and tips--especially those organic garden tips!

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  1. I loved growing tomatoes and bell peppers but one year those bugs were so bad that nothing would kill them so I just quit. I awarded your blog the Beautiful Blogger Award. You can pick it up here:



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