Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It only took me"20 something" years

...to be classified as independent. Sorry this post is totally not home improvement and repair related. But it is self improvement related. I can be my own project, right? Oh and the independent remark--that is because I had to fill out a FAFSA. OH MY GOD--I had to fill out financial aid forms. I kinda broke out into a cold sweat. Do you know how long it has been since I have done any of this crap stuff? Long enough for me to not tell you because it makes me feel ancient!
Yeah so after filling in all the financial, submitting my DNA and promise of my first borns' first born (haha) a little window popped up and said "Based on all the information and criteria, you can be classified as an independent student and no information is required about your parents".  So how do you like those corn nuts?

Gee, what was the first clue I was independent? The gray hair, the wrinkles, the fact that I am middle aged, graduated during Reagen-nomics or that I am in debt up to my tukkas?

This is how I felt today when I answered my High School graduation year question
Those FAFSA forms are age biased!

The good news I managed to complete 4 items from the "Going to College" checklist. Up next are my placement tests. Sure hope my "Sometimezeimers" doesn't kick in. Because you know sometimes my brain synapses fire just fine and well other days they don't.

I hope to see this after I take my tests

and not this

Yeah, I am kinda nervous...


  1. Funny post! Hope all goes well with your educational journey!

  2. I think it's awesome!! You are a braver person than I, and very inspiring!! Can't wait to hear about the new journey.


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