Thursday, May 10, 2012

I may have a plant habit...

Besides my veggie garden
I have so much stuff to plant but it won't stop raining!

I have an overabundance of lettuce, radishes and spinach

Garage Bed

Shed Bed

This is my ER  plop bed. All the ailing plants get plopped here to see if they will survive. If so, then I move them.

Bird bed

  I have acquired  some strawberries, raspberries and  blackberries-which still need planted but I will be assembling the raised bed tomorrow.

 Oh then there are the planter boxes.
This is 1 of 4. (They are all slightly different depending on exposure)
 Oh yeah, the planter bench.

Herbs I need to pot up. I am thinking about one of those tipsy pot planters. That would look kinda cool!

Extra petunias and coleus I need to tuck in somewhere!

And I have no ideal where I can fit these in.  But I got them buy one get one free. The hubbs said "you know you will run out of room, RIGHT?" um yeah.....

Enough outside stuff. (I have quite a few house plants too) ...Hello, plants anonymous? I think I have a problem...

P.S. That really isn't all the outside stuff...I just felt guilty so I stopped taking pictures

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