Monday, May 21, 2012

Funky and Frugal Finds #11

Welcome to Funky and Frugal Finds #11 Monday

I thought this would make a great change collection jar
St. Vincent DePaul, $0.50
I have always wanted one of the Pyrex wicker casserole pan caddies. It has a cork bottom to protect the surface from heat and nice handles. 
St. Vincent de Paul $2
Another monkey pod bowl/ tray. I swear this will be my last one. Maybe...
St. VIncent de Paul $1.50
I am digging this copper bowl/ pan. How cute would this look with pebbles or glass marbles and a candle?
St. VIncent de Paul $3
 I love this little mirrored shelf. Gonna paint it white and once the mirror is all shiny I think it will be really cute! Maybe a little applique at the top? Or some decoupage? Or keep it plain? Hmmm, not sure.
New2You thrift store, 50% off for a grand total of  $1.50
 Not a bad haul for less than $10.00! Woot!


  1. Awesome! I will have a post later about some more candle sconces I scored yesterday at lunch. Also got a wonderful lampshade for a lamp at the farm that doesn't have one, the thing looks brand new, it's perfect and it was only $3. Gosh I love thrift store finds!! Nice finds for you, love the monkey pod wood tray! Happy hunting!!

  2. Fun finds! I think the copper bowl is my favorite.


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