Friday, May 25, 2012

Frugal Foode Friday

Here are a few of my favorite easy-peasy  $ savers.

I don't know about you, but I am always on the look out for easy and frugal foodie type tips. With the cost of everything  going up (except my income, haha) I thought I would share some of my favorite frugal foodie tips.

Ice cube tray tricks-You can freeze eggs, broth, gravy, sauces, herbs and wine

I make extra french toast and pancakes and freeze them between wax paper and securely wrapped in freezer paper or freezer bags.

    Prep ahead for meals. I use my crock pot--a lot! Then I found this awesome ideal on Pinterest--Pre-package your crock pot meals in the freezer. HOLY HELL!! This woman is a genius! Why didn't I think of that ??!!  Grab it, toss it in the crock pot and fuh-geta-bout-it! Well for 8-10 hrs anyway.
    I also like swip-swap meals. For instance sloppy joes leftovers can go into spaghetti sauce. And left over taco meat can go into chili. And left over chili can go into  chili mac, etc...well you get the ideal.

    From this...

    To this...

    I make my own breakfast sandwiches and freeze. So much healthier and cheaper than store bought. And I learned an awesome trick to make your eggs in a muffin pan . Then they are the perfect size for your bun or or English muffin!
    Make your own TV dinners, by storing leftovers in divided containers.
    I freeze my strawberries before they go bad to make into jam later.  Ripe bananas and no time to bake? Freeze em! Peel and place in a freezer bag. When I want to make banana bread I can thaw and mash for banana bread.

    Speaking of baking--it is just as easy to bake 2 loaves as 1, so I always bake my breads in multiple batches. 1 to eat and 1 keep in the freezer.

    Choco-chip Banana Bread

    If you don't have time to can, freeze your sauce. Add to freezer bag, remove air, seal tightly, lay flat  on cookie sheets, freeze and then stack 'em up.

    Did you know you can freeze buttermilk, cream cheese, cheese, butter, cottage cheese and sour cream? Buttermilk will be a slight separation on thawing but a little mix will take care of that.Great for pancakes, biscuits or fried chicken. Cream cheese, cottage and sour cream can freeze but will have a different consistency after thawing, but is great when used in cooking/ baking. The same with hard type cheese. Use your frozen shreds, grates, and slices for cooking and baking. Butter freezes very well but can pick up odors due to high fat content. Place in a freezer bag to protect it.

    Don't buy boxed or bag stuffing mixes when you can make your own!
    Pre-mix of batches of dry ingredients for baking mix. Then measure out when ready to use.
    What are your frugal hints and tips?


    1. So many great idea's to freeze. Love the post a lot.

      1. Thanks! I figure in this day and age you got save every penny!


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