Sunday, May 6, 2012

Canning Tomatoes (Part 1)

I returned to The Jam and Jelly Lady's cannery (Tuesday) to attended a master canning course...for tomatoes. Three--count 'em 3 awesomely yummy recipes. We made salsa, Italian sauce (Or  if you are Italian--Red Gravy) and a Jamaican Jerk Tomato sauce.

Many people grew up using a water canner for tomatoes, but we used a pressure canner. Based on all the literature and the science behind it--this seems safer. And definitely the way I am gonna preserve them.

 Making Salsa 

Is there anything more beautifully vibrant?
Blanch-don't boil!
❤  the food processor!
Garlic smells so good! (Just not on my hands!)
 My eyes were burning from the peppers and garlic!
Don't cry!
Naked tomatoes!
 I wish you could have seen how goopey our hands were after peeling and de-pithing the tomatoes
 Did I mention we  ❤  the food processor?  We used it for the onions too. Can you imagine doing all this by hand? Yeah -me either.
 To bad we don't have smell-o-blog. The aroma was divine!
Really? I am supposed to wait and not eat this? Yeah, right!

Everyone has a different preference for type of tomatoes, peppers and spices. Just Google canning salsa recipes to get an ideal for ingredients, measurements and processing time.

Up next: Tomato Sauces


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Sarah! OMG it was sooo good. I am kinda ashamed to say I killed a jar (1/2 pint) by myself. It tomatoes and peppers so it's healthy right? And The fact I was standing up eating the salsa and chips over the sink means the chips don't count. Right? haha

      You should see how many tomato and pepper plants I have...hehe. I expect a bumper crop and I will be canning my heart out. ...Jars of salsa as Christmas presents for everyone! lol


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