Thursday, October 18, 2012

Appalachian Fest

On Sunday I went to The Appalachian Mountain Artisans Fest in Winchester, Ohio. It is a little festival of artists, artisans and home grown businesses, that is waaayyyy out in the country.  Winchester is a fair distance (maybe and hour and half) from where I live. I didn't mind though because I spent the day with my fab cousin Theresa. 

They had some neat autumn displays out front of the big red barn.

This display cracked me up--Autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving all in one. 

There was a tee-pee! I have no ideal why and I didn't go check it out because it was a tad windy and knowing my luck (and propensity for accidents) I wasn't taking any chances!

The Brown and Adams County recycle eco-caboose- which was very cool. All the electricity for the caboose is from solar panels.

Surprisingly there were vendors from several surrounding towns nearby where I live. I only wish I had grabbed some business cards for those that are  local to me.

There was a small petting zoo for the kids--including  goats, a pig, a donkey, a Llama, an Alpaca, a goose, chickens and a skunk named Dugan.

As soon as we went in , we were greeted by a platter of Keim's glazed doughnuts. These are Amish donuts and they are sooooo good. Not to mention they are the size of tractor tires!

They had the barn draped and lots of little twinkle white lights--not they you can really  see them in my pictures!

There were lots of handmade goods--felted wools (from sheep and Alpaca's), quilts. jewelry, food products (jams, jellies, kettle corn, and lots of  sweets), pottery and  florals.

I ended buying 2 of the Keim's glazed dounuts....drool!!! And I was nice and I shared as 1 of them was for the hubbs! Of course, he wanted a 2nd one and I was like --step away from the doughnut and you won't get hurt, haha

I bought this recycled bottle, snowflake ornament

and this awesome agate necklace!

It was such a great day. I hope next year I can go on Friday or Saturday when there will be more vendors.

Anyone else been to to any interesting festivals?

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