Thursday, October 4, 2012

Say Goodbye

A week ago today we had to say goodbye to one our beloved pets.

Wussie-cat had been with us since she was about 4 weeks old. Some of you were introduced to her here and those of you who are family or close personal friends met her a long time ago. She was a few months past 18 years old. I am told by many this is a long lived for a cat. Regardless of their time with us-- it still hurts.

Unfortunately I don't have  a great number pictures of Wussie-cat because they are all pretty much a blur. She was such a bundle of energy! She lived up to her name because it was seldom she was seen by anyone other than close family.

She loved the Hubbs the best. He always joked she was the best dog because she would come running when you whistled and she would play fetch with aluminum foil ball or a crumpled cigarette pack. Originally her name was Pixie because she was so tiny--but because she was afraid of everything her name ended up being changed to Wussie-cat. The hubbs even had a little song for her he made up for her.

Even as a full grown cat she never weighed much over 5 pounds. She was always very petite and was often mistaken for a kitten.  She would often climb up the hubb's pants leg and then make her way to his shoulder where she would sit , although not for long. There wasn't a cardboard box, tote, basket or crate she didn't love! She was always finding little places to hide.

She had ninja claws of doom though! You didn't want to be on the receiving end of those! My favorite memory is when she made our 90 (plus) pound dog back out of the bed room--peeing from being scared-- (and she was all of maybe 3 pounds at the time). We almost peed ourselves laughing so hard.

I really miss her Meeer-wow and her obnoxiously loud purring. We were lucky to have in our lives for so long and gave her the best life we could.  I just hope when she crossed the rainbow bridge Kitty-bub and Gollie were there to meet her. And I hope she knows how much we loved her.


  1. I'm shedding a tear for you both tonight, as I sit here with our 17 year old Sydney sleeping contentedly next to me. I know the day will come and we will be a basket case ourselves. I have comfort in knowing we've given him the most awesome life a cat here could ask for and I know that you did the same for your sweet little one so please take comfort in that.

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. Pets hold a special place in our hearts because they forgive and keep loving back.

  3. they are a part of our families, i am sorry for your loss.


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