Thursday, October 4, 2012

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To torment me, my dogs and my cats!

And it is actually one rooster and one chicken and it  is the rooster from hell. He crows ALL day long. Non stop from first light until dusk. Don't get me wrong I like chickens--I think they're delicious, haha. I just don't like the obnoxiously loud crowing type. 

I assume my neighbor's kids left the pen open which is why they are out meandering.I can just imagine the clucking conversation..."Hey let's go torment this lady and her animals"

"I will move a little closer and crow even louder", says the rooster

"Are you looking at me?" 

My cats and dogs were going haywire when they saw him in the yard. He hung out around my bird feeder and ate what I had set out for the critters. Unfortunately my batteries died and that was the end of the pictures. We missed out on a chicken dinner last night as I decided to spare his life. Next time I won't be so benevolent.  Until next time evil rooster...

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