Friday, October 26, 2012

When pets attack

It  has been a rough couple of days around My Cozy Little Farmhouse.

Wednesday evening two of my dogs got into a fight. A very very bad fight.

Tovah (age 5 yrs, 30 lbs)

Chubbs (age 10 yrs, 78 lbs)

We don't know what provoked the fight. Or who started it. All we know it was an unfair fight. Chubbs (aptly named) outweighs Tovah by almost 50 lbs.. Tovah is 5 years younger than Chubbs and much faster but it didn't help her this time. Tovah needed surgery to repair the lacerations and punctures, poor little girl.

Not sure if any of you have ever had to use an after hours emergency pet hospital, but they are crazy expensive. You are already emotionally vulnerable because your pet is sick --or in my case, injured--and it is akin to being shook down mafia style. You have to pay up front for the estimated cost before they will treat your pet. I had to pay them nearly a $1000 up front before they would help her. Not that I really had the money. It resulted in 2 credit cards and effectively killing any remaining balances on either. 

The worst part was after calling in 4x through the night and being reassured she was next for surgery, was calling in at 6:30 in the morning to find she had laid their for 12 hours without the surgery. Sure she had pain meds and antibiotics, but they let her lay there covered in blood, with matted fur, in cold steel cage--PETRIFIED--for 12 hrs. Had I KNOWN that what they would do (basically nothing!) I would have brought her home and kept vigil with her during the night until our regular vet's office opened.

So I flew out of the house and picked her up. I took her to our vet, who assessed her immediately and put her in surgery. In less than 2 hours with our vet she was treated and comfortable. As for the other place, they "refunded" $440 on one of my cards and it is unknown when I will actually see it. So I paid $540 for an overnight stay with antibiotics and pain meds. Then an additional $380 for the regular vet. And here is why I love my vet office. They might be slightly more expensive than some other vet practices but they do amazing work. They told me pay $50 and I could make payments on the balance ($330) because in their words--"Since you were worked over by the emergency vet hospital".  That is why I have stayed with this practice for nearly 20 years.

The good news is Tovah will make a full recovery. She looks kinda rough with all of the bald patches and sutures on her neck and chest. But her sweet little demeanor is returning. It was a rough 2 days without her here. I didn't have her as my shadow--following me around the house; or climbing into my lap the second I sit down, and she wasn't here to take up the bed then grunt when I make her move over. 

The vet said I need to keep them apart  so she went to my daughter's house to stay for a night but is grieving pretty hard and on edge.  I am bringing her home. I will figure out the logistics. Tovah is actually my "grand-puppy". She was/ is my daughter's dog, but I have had "custody" of her for nearly 4 years. 

I will be getting 2 additional cages. All 3 dogs will be caged when we are not home--for their safety and the sanctity of my pocket book. Chubbs will wear a muzzle when out of the cage. They will all be supervised very closely!  He is definitely going to the vet for an evaluation. I will continue to monitor Chubbs, if he continues to show aggression towards any of the animals or people--then I will have a very difficult decision to make.

All I know is I love my fur-kids and I have been an emotional wreck the last few days. The hubbs isn't very happy about anything right now--not that I can fault him. I am also looking into pet insurance--well  because financially we can't take another hit like this.

This dogfight has had a physical,emotional and financial impact.  Let's hope peace soon resumes and it will be My Cozy Little Farmhouse again!

She let out a sigh and you could see her visibly relax, poor little girl


  1. OMG, who knows why pets when best of buds get on each other nerves or strikes a nerve. I guess pets are like people too, but not equip to rationalize the situation. I thought about getting my Sadie a pal, but I am afraid I could not keep up with vet bills just for normal routine health care. Your dogs are pretty. I hope the one has a speedy recovery.

    1. I love my pets and they are a forever commitment.Animals are not cheap (cheaper than human kids but not much, haha) We always joke I treat them them better than myself which is not far from the truth. It has been a nightmare moving dogs room to room, muzzles etc. but I love them I can't imagine them not here with me.

  2. Tonya,
    What a distressing situation! I am so glad you have a good relationship with your veterinarian. And you are surely a conscientious pet owner. As a veterinarian, I have great sympathy/empathy for you and wish you the best. I always encourage clients to treat behavior problems aggressively.
    Best of luck.


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