Sunday, October 28, 2012


Most of the time I think the general reporting of news is over hyped. However with the regards of  Sandy the Frankenstorm I will err on the side of caution. Given the havoc the last few storms have caused as far inland as Ohio I think we should take a minute to review our emergency preparations which I talked about previously HERE.

There is no need to panic and go willy nilly buying everything you can get your hands on. Otherwise you are gonna end up with a dozen packages of underwear that is 3 sizes to small, a pantry full of pickled beets or sardines and be out of your hard earned money.

.Just remember you need water, food, fuel, some cash, pack a bag and make a plan. I will highlight a few of the topics:
  • Sanitation and Hygiene
    • 1 gallon per day per person for drinking , cooking and sanitation. Don't forget water for your pets!
      • Fill some old milk jugs, coolers etc w/ tap water and add a little bit of bleach (1/2 tsp per gallon) to use for flushing toilets. 
      • Designate a fresh gallon (or 2) depending on the size of your family for brushing teeth
      • Stock up of wet wipes/ baby wipes and instant shampoo. These items will allow you to save water for drinking and cooking.
  • Food for you and your pets. 
    • As far as human food goes, ready to eat type food and snacks are great for those who lose power and don't have a generator. Such as granola bars, peanut butter, crackers,dried fruit and jerky --no refrigeration or cooking needed.!
      • Do NOT expect restaurants and stores will accommodate you.
    • Stash an extra bag of food for your pets
  • Get some fuel
    • Fill the tank of your car
    • If you have a generator, fill it and have an extra 5 gallon can of gas
    • Have an extra propane tank (or 2)
    • If you have a wood/pellet stove, make sure you have firewood/pellets
  • Get some cash
    • Even if it is $50, don't assume banks will be open and ATM's or credit card machines are operational
  • Pack a BOB (Bug Out Bag)
    • If it s bad enough you may need to evacuate
    • Make sure you have items ready to go for you and your family (including pets)
      • Change of clothes (or 2),a blanket, medications, first aid kit,  personal toiletries, weather radio, flashlight, pack of batteries, and car cell phone charger.
  • Make a plan
    • Where will you go if you need to evacuate?
    • Do you have all valuable items secured?
    • What about important documents-birth certificates, passports, bank books, etc..?
    • Do have arrangements made for your pets?
      • Don't assume you can leave them in their crates or turn them loose and they will be ok (Think Katrina)
Click on the link I provided which provides a direct to the government emergency preparedness sites for a more detailed plan. 

I am not trying to be the voice of doom and gloom; however, it is better to be over prepared than under prepared!

Be safe my friends!


  1. Living along the gulf coast where we routinely have Hurricane threats, a great list of suggestions. The cash is a smart idea. After we had Hurricane Ike a few years ago, most of the city had no power for weeks. ATM's were down everywhere and banks were closed as well. And make sure your car(s) are filled up. There were gas stations closed for days as well and the ones that were open had hours long waits. If you have a grill, even a portable one, you can use up food in your freezer too.

    Thoughts with you and everyone in the path!

  2. We're evacuating to our couch. :o) We'll take a hit but because we're away from the storm surge, we'll be ok unless trees fall, the basement floods, etc. But you've listed great ideas so stay safe! I hope your pup is recovering well, too. We have a local emergency vet that saved my dogs life. Too bad yours is such a turd.


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