Sunday, October 7, 2012

Say Hello

I really didn't plan on getting another pet. I already have 2 cats, 2 dogs and 2 guinea pigs. I am still grieving the loss of Wussie-Cat

We went to visit my Dad for his 68th birthday last Sunday. It was such a beautiful day. Poignant because it will be his last birthday because of the ugly monster that is Cancer.

My brother shows up with a puppy in tow, someone asked him if he could find it a good home or it was going to the pound. That is all it took! Most of you may not know--or not want to know--but most pounds (or animal shelters) are not NO-KILL. Meaning regardless of age, temperament etc... dogs are usually euthanized within 72 hours. And btw--those voluntary surrenders--you know the ones where people say the dog is "aggressive" to justify the surrender--yeah-those dogs are usually destroyed the same day.

 I did not make this decision lightly. Owning pets is a lifetime commitment. I am not working and yes money is tight but I will do without before my pets do. Period. They are my fur-kids. I realize I can't save them all but I do right by the ones I do save. Should I have adopted an older dog from the pound? yes.  The truth is the shelter he was going to was full. A euthanize list had been issued for 6-10 dogs because they were beyond capacity. Had he gone to the shelter one more dog would have ended up n the list or possibly him. I simply could not risk someone might  rescue or adopt him. I chose to be that someone. In case you didn't pick up on I am an animal lover and I am frequently involved in animal rescue. However, I will save that platform for another blog.
Seriously could you resist this cuteness?
 Of course the hubbs is No more animals! Then I launch into the spiel about shelters, how I will find it a home, yadda yadda...then end with Please please please!!!! The hubbs sighed knowing full well I was NOT leaving without that dog!!

OMG--Look at the face!

So say Hello to Frazzle the Beagle-mix pup. Best guess--he is now about 8 weeks old.
According to the vet he is just over 7 pounds and surprisingly healthy
He is a  fluffy fur-ball of sweet puppy breath, pudgy puppy belly and soft floppy ears.

He is in every sense of the word an infant.The first 2 nights I was up every 2 hours with him.  I really didn't need any more responsibility. But one look at his sweet little face and trusting little eyes; all the worries faded away. Regardless of the burden, cost, time commitment --I am in luuurvvveeee with this little guy. The hubbs pretended to be mad for all of 2 minutes. He too was charmed by the little puppy kisses and wiggling fur-ball. So much so, he held him in his lap for the entire hour drive home. He checks on Frazzle as soon as he gets up in the morning and before he goes to bed. haha sucker!!

I have several crates throughout the house as well as some baby gates  because he is so young he has imprinted on me and panics if he doesn't see or hear me.
The introduction the other dogs is slow  but trust needs to be built.
As a result I am spending more time with each dog to ensure they all know they are loved.

He is going to be a challenge.
 He is smart and feisty--kinda like me, haha!
He hasn't met a barricade he can't crash. He is constantly chewing, teething and mouthing on EVERYTHING- especially me.
I am his giant chew toy and he has razor sharp puppy teeth. Those little suckers hurt!
But he has brought much joy to me and the hubbs. 
And in some small manner I feel connected to my Dad since he is the one who named him. 

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