Friday, October 5, 2012

Cheap Ass Dinners#1

That's right --cheap ass dinners for you to pinch some pennies. I may post more Foodie Frugal Friday's but Cheap Ass Dinners are all about the winding down after a long week--so it is as little cooking as possible!

You know the scenario--it's Friday, about 6:30. You just spent the last hour sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. You had a crappy week and all you wanna do is go home, plop on the couch, watch some netflix and relax. But you gotta pick the kids up and take 'em somewhere. One has a basket ball game and another needs to supplies for some damn project that you just KNOW are gonna end up completing at midnight on Sunday. Because  they lost interest and ended up playing on the Xbox all weekend. Add to this the laundry , dishes and all the other crap you have to take care of  between now and Monday morning.

You need to grab a bite to eat, but feel guilty for thinking of drive through--especially when the kids say, "Aww mom, burgers again?!" That's when you realize there has to be something quick, tasty and easy on the pocket book.

Well Aldi's has a great take and bake pizza $4.99 for a 16 inch pizza. I prefer the cheese pizza.  Great flavor, good sauce and a decent crust. You would pay $16.99 at most pizza joints. Plus you get to feel a little better about baking and serving  it instead of delivery.

Add to this a bag of ready to go salad mix (also from Aldi's) for $1.69

Yup that's right-- $6.68 for pizza and salad (add a  another dollar for a bottle of dressing if you don't have any in your fridge).With dinner this cheap you could spurge on ice cream for dessert! This feeds a family of 4 quite well or totally pig out and have leftovers if it is just a two person household. From fridge to table in about 20 minutes--no drive through needed! And with the money you are savings, I would add it to the mad money fund, 'cause you never know when you you are gonna find the perfect pair of shoes--on sale of course, HA!

Disclaimer--I was not coerced or compensated by Aldi's to promote their products. These are my opinions. However if someone from Aldi's is reading this and would like to sponsor my page--I'm cool with that!

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