Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Baking up some memories

Fresh baked bread. Just saying those three little words are enough to make you salivate. Well maybe just me. Here are some fun facts--Did you know when staging homes many professional home stager's will bake bread to entice potential homeowners. And many of the large all-in-one grocery stores have the bakery near the front of the store to draw customers in the rest of the store to increase consumer spending.

There are so many emotions and memories surrounding food. Baking bread always takes be back to some of the happiest times of my childhood. I would sit on the vinyl chair at the formica topped table at my Nanny and Pappaw's house and just watch Nanny make magic. Nanny was always wearing one of her cotton print jumpers and loafers, her hair pinned back with the light glinting off of the bobby pins as she bustled about the kitchen. Nanny and Pappaw's house was always warm, cozy and inviting. And there was always an aroma of some tasty food  tempting you to go in the kitchen.

Some of the best times where when Nanny had bread baking. Sitting at the table swinging my legs and just waiting for Nanny to bring me a piece of fresh baked bread slathered with butter and homemade grape jelly. I am telling you there was nothing like it...siiiigghhhh

I may not have an opportunity to make bread like Nanny did from scratch--although back in those days I am sure it was for economic reasons to bake bread instead of buying it--hmmm... not much different than today!

I don't always have the time to make my bread dough from scratch so I use frozen dough. Depending on the store you shop, you can purchase a 3-5 loaf bag of frozen dough for $2.99-$5.49. It averages right around a dollar per loaf. The cost is good and the taste is even better than the off the shelf bread. And the aroma of fresh baked bread...OMG...heavenly!

Here's what you need

 (except that is SUPPOSED TO BE plastic wrap--I grabbed the wrong box...oops!)
The directions could not be any easier, unless someone else was doing the work for you, haha

Spray your loaf pan with cooking spray. Add one frozen dough loaf. 

Spray the plastic wrap with cooking spray and cover loaf. Follow Thaw/Rise instructions.

When dough is 1 inch above pan it is ready to bake.

20-25 minutes ©350°F and you have a beautiful and delicious loaf of bread

It may not be as good as Nanny's but it is  darn near close. The only thing I am missing is her jar of homemade grape jelly.  I wonder what she would think of frozen dough. She would probably smile and shake her head. Who knows--maybe she would have bought some.


  1. Ye4s, home baked is the best! My mom and dad both make bread still! They always have fresh baked for me and the kids. If we are lucky they send home an extra loaf! I am glad the smell of bread warms your heart with such loving memories.

    1. I miss them so much. Not a day goes by that I don't think of my Nanny and Pappaw

  2. yes your nanny sure could cook and bake her house always smelled so good sure do miss her

  3. The loaf of baked bread is as beautiful as the flowers in a garden............making me hungry.

    1. well now that your stove is hooked up you can get you some frozen dough and bake some, haha

      And it was really good. I made grilled cheese with it tonight. I make 2-3 loaves per week because it is only about 1/2 length (maybe slightly more) of an industrial loaf. Plus I am sure I am not cutting the slices thin enough


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