Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wacky weather

I think Mother Nature is confused.

The last few days we have had temperatures in the upper 70's °F  and today we broke 80°F. 

Trust me I am not complaining that I don't need to turn the furnace on--although my energy provider is probably having a fit, hehe-- or I can open the windows and I can go outside without a jacket.

What I am concerned about are my plants "greening" up again only to be killed when the hard  frost comes rolling in.
Flowering Sage
Flowering Rosemary
Flowering Tarragon

I think this is Endless Summer, not certain
False Sunflower

I am at least going to take advantage of it to clear some of the garden of debris and mulch with straw.  I really wish I had time to move some of the bigger plants around. Oh well,  those can be on my to do list for Spring.

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