Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gaaaahhh!! He threw away my stuff!

OMG! Mr. CozyLittleFarmhouse cleaned the garage and in the process threw away some of my stuff. 

Stuff I talked about here. 

Important stuff. Like a vintage headboard, foot board  and side rails. 2 wood shelves. And I don't know what else is missing  because he MOVED everything !

I knew he had cleaned it out to make room to do some work. I noticed my stuff was "missing" when I went in the garage last night. At first I thought everything had just been re-arranged-- it was dark so I went back out today to look around and it is gone. All of it. I tried not to panic because he was at work all day. I thought perhaps he moved stuff up to the attic where I couldn't get to it. So I had to wait until he came home. And then I pounced on him. 

Me: "Where's my stuff?!"
Hubbs: "What stuff?"
Me: "Headboard, foot board, side rails, shelves..."
Hubbs (getting a panicked look on his face): "Um, I threw it away when I cleaned the garage"
Hubbs: "Ummm, some of it was cracked. I didn't think it was any good"
Me: "OMG! I can't believe you did this! Did it not occur to you to ASK me?"
Hubbs: "You weren't here"
Me: "So you wait for me to leave and throw away all my stuff?"
Hubbs: "No! Sorry?"
Me: "ARRRGGGGGGGGGHH!!!!@#$%^*@#$%^"

So yeah, very , Very, VERY upset! And we can't retrieve any of it because it was in the compactor dumpster at his work. My projects are taking a deep sleep in a landfill somewhere.

I told him to never EVER touch any of my @#$%!*$ stuff again without talking to me!

I know it didn't look like much to him but it looked like treasure to me.

He said I am over reacting. HA! How would he feel if I had done that to him?

Not such a My Cozy Little Farmhouse type day.  


  1. Oh my! Where is he now sleeping? Justin now just grumbles about my 'aquired' stuff. He does mention throwing something out when it's in his way. As long as I can hear him (he has a tendency to 'talk to a wall') I say my peace. Which is usually, I'll move it to another place.

    1. LOL--He is in our room because he is to tall to fit on the couch or the spare room bed. I am couch surfing anyways because of the new puppy (no way I can make it down my stairs fast enough with a 9 week old puppy with a little bladder without falling and breaking my neck. URGH!! I am SO SO mad at him!!

  2. Oh Tonya! I'm soo sorry! Men just don't "get" our correct ideas!

    1. No idea where "correct" came from! I hate autocorrect!

    2. No they don't usually. The hubbs has absolutely NO vision for anything. The bed frame was 1940-ish. Yes there were some cracks but nothing I couldn't fix or re-purpose...siiiiggghhh

  3. Oh my. Hmm. Me thinks things will be tense around the no so cozy little farmhouse for a bit. If it's any ray of light, you KNOW he's learned his lesson now. Hopefully that's a worry you won't ever have again. ;-)

    1. yes well I hope so. I am calm now...well mostly calm...well more calm than I was

  4. Oh dear. So sorry! And poor Mr. Cozy Farmhouse--I think he probably feels pretty bad at this point too. Well, I'm sure --Lesson Learned. I know I've made it HUGELY clear to my mister he better NEVER throw away ANY of my stuff .....EVER. Men!

  5. I know how you feel, my late husband did not have the sentimental feelings for my old stuff he called junk. We had a few battles too.

  6. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon situation among couples. After a few very heated arguments, Rich and I came to an agreement...he throws away HIS stuff, I throw away MY stuff and we keep our hands off of each other's stuff. We discuss OUR stuff before getting rid of it. Maybe you should put a sign on your stuff that you think Wally might want to get rid of with your intentions stated on it.


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