Saturday, October 20, 2012

Poor Door Dilemna

Hey y'all. I am feeling a little bummed out for our door replacement. Remember when I talked bout needing to replace my crappy draft-tastic doors here?  I mean I had an inkling we were gonna spend some money for the doors, but in my fantasy I thought of the overall cost not in terms of individual doors. So I have good news and I have bad news. 

The good news is were able to score 1 storm door. The bad news is entry doors definitely have to be custom made The estimates have been $800 -$2200 each! First...uuuummm NO! and Second--Ker-ching! We need a solid wood door (that can be planed down to fit) because I have a very old house nothing is square, level or plumb. We can only have a slab door not pre-hung because it turns out there are steel beams just on each side of the door frame. The reason --they added the 2nd story addition in the 1960's/1970's. The good news is my 2nd story isn't going anywhere. The bad news I have no play for the door frame because of the beams AND I have aluminum siding which can't be matched More  like ker-splat as my hopes were dashed on the cold hard cement patio. BOOOO!

Now back to the good news. We were able to go off the shelf for the storm door.  How is that possible? For the simple fact the prior one was kinda rigged in place. Let's review the photo op shall we?

Here's the door

Let's take a closer look

See the wood strips on the inside of the frame? By eliminating those we were able to purchase a standard storm door of 32x80  YAHOO!  The storm door is bigger than my regular door...whatever I am just glad to have one!

We bought the EMCO 200 from Home Depot. We paid $140.90 (including tax) after nice 10% price reduction. Yay us! I know it isn't very exciting to most people but I am thrilled! This will do a great deal to reduce the drafty air. Here is why we chose this one:
1) Affordability
2) In stock
3) Door hardware included
4) Simple design
5) The screen is higher on this door--so no doggies running their big heads and fat bodies through it--or kitty cats clawing the screen (because it does happen)
6) Reversible left or right swing out option

Here is the Home Depot picture
And here it is unpacked! I can't wait for the hubbs to install it. Gonna work like a charm!

So purchasing both entry doors plans needs to be modified. I am no longer on plan A, B or C. More like plan NZ-2. I am feeling slightly frustrated from the setback, but then I have to take a deep breath and realize that is par for the course in a century old home.

I have several options for the entry doors.

 For the kitchen--
1) Install the storm door and do nothing for now
2) I can try to find a vintage solid wood door that can be cut down
3) Bite the bullet and pay for the custom made using one of the quotes
4) Keep searching for a cheaper custom made. Maybe there is a local woodworker...who knows
5) Win the lottery? haha wouldn't that be nice

Now for the main entry--

The quotes for it was outrageous! Because it would be a "fancier" door the quotes STARTED at $1600.
Apparently I have REALLY good  (EXPENSIVE) taste. Because the door I fell in love with was $3000

I almost fainted...

Hahaha---noooooo. Not buying that! 

So my options are pretty much the same as the kitchen door--I just need a fancier storm door.

I think I am gonna hit up a few of the Architectural Salvage places. Not that I hold much hope at inventory, budget or finding anything remotely the sizes I need that can be modified. If I go vintage I need to find a door in good shape, no rot, no damage and NO WARP!  yup --I know good luck!

So that is where I am at in the door dilemma!


  1. Its CRAZY what they're asking for doors , etc., nowadays. C'mon--do they REALLY have that much time and materials in them? No.
    Well, best of luck to you on finding what you want!

  2. I have settled for a few items at Home Depot on my makeover, and I am pleased. I think if the door fits; its your new door:)! I installed doors myself because people wanted way more then I could afford. I had some bumps in the process, but the doors are up and you will be proud of the door and the fact it will not be drafty is a major issue solved.

  3. Well, good luck in installing your newly bought door! Anyway, in choosing an entry door, there are some factors that you need to consider. One is the design of your house, if it is Victorian, contemporary, or ultra-modern design. Also, make sure that it will blend well with the materials of your house. Essentially, choose the one that suits your taste but also answers your needs. ;)

    Vernie Herr


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