Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Mouse or NOT!

Twas  two weeks before Christmas and all through the house and not a creature was stirring EXCEPT for a mouse!

Ye gads there is a mouse in my house!!!!

This isn't the first time we have had mice (or other unwelcome critters) in our home. My house is 120 yrs old, it is recently cold outside and there is a rather large field near my house. It was just waiting to happen.

My cat, Sam-Sam was acting all weird in the kitchen (kept staring under the stove). Next thing I know all hell breaks loose (yowling, hissing and a loud clatter of everything hitting the floor). He catches it. It is SQUEAKING and tries to run upstairs with it, drops it while running through the dining room room because I am shrieking like a fool (and damn near convulsing from shuddering). Now I don't know where it is.

Heaven help me I hope it is only 1! Although at this point there is probably a tiny bustling metropolis of Mouse City. In--My--House!! Eeeek!

I have already gone through my cabinets everything that isn't canned has been put in a glass or plastic containers. There is no evidence of little mouse "presents"...bleh. My husband put bait and traps in the basement. My cat Sam-Sam is sureveiling the kitchen

Sorry for the poor quality. I didn't want to startle him.

Don't get me wrong. I love animals. I love nature. But I appreciate it more when it is OUTSIDE!! When we first moved into our home in 2000, we had a mice problem for almost 2 years. The house had been empty for at least a year and there was a 65 acre farm behind our property. So our house was pretty much the mouse motel. Definitely do NOT want to repeat that experience.

And while mice are portrayed to cute in all the cartoons and books this is the only mouse I expect to see in my house.

The only Christmas mouse permitted in my house.

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