Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sassy,sweets and a toddler toy

Christmas eve is the night my family (myself, the hubbs, my daughter and her hubbs) typically celebrate and open presents. This year was a little more non traditional since we had to wait until 11 pm to open presents. My daughter works 1st shift and her hubbs works second. My daughter came to my house to pass the time until operation openourchristmaspresents would commence. Translated that means she hollered MOOOOMMM about every 5 minutes, was eating and playing on my laptop while I was trying to do my chores.  In other-words nothing has changed since she lived at home, haha. She did manage to wrap some presents while here but ran me ragged asking for tissue  paper, gift bags, boxes, and scissors.

Later in the evening, one of her friends stopped by for hot cocoa and to help with making fudge and gingerbread. (I am known as mom#2 in this case). And of course both girls were being sassy and giving me a hard time. Case in point:

Daughter's friend (DF): "Mom-I have a joke for you"
Me: "ok"
DF: "knock knock"
Me: "who's there?"
DF: "Ismell"
Me: "Ismell who"
this exchange was followed by raucous laughter...get it? Ismellwho...Ismellpoo DANG IT!! I can't believe I fell for that. Those damn kids...

The gingerbread was made using a silicone mold.

 This was a my first time using one. Not sure if I like it or not. During the baking process the gingerbread people looked like a scene from ALIEN (chests bursting open). The girls found this funny as well....sigh

Upon cooling they were more presentable than expected. I can frost them to fill in the crevices or flip them over to the smoother side for a better presentation. Regardless of appearance they are spicy, moist and delicious....mmmm

The fudge turned out good but has a few bumps  lumps in the beginning. The trick is to use a very heavy pan. I use my vintage bean-pot which is enameled cast iron.

  I let the milk, sugar, salt and butter come to a  rapid boil for 2 minutes while I stirred constantly. There were a few large sugar particles that wouldn't break down so I used a mesh cup and filtered the hot solution into a large glass measuring cup. Once I was convinced there were no more lumps I returned the mixture to the pot. Return to a rapid boil for 4 minutes, stirring continuously. Remove from heat and add the chocolate chips, stir, stir, stir. Add the marshmallows stir, stir, stir, add vanilla and stir VIGOUROUSLY. Do NOT stop stirring for 1 minute . You will feel the burn and swear you are gonna have Popeye arms. Transfer the thickened and cooling mixture to a pre-lined pan. (*Note I use waxed paper because it is easier to peel off ) The result is a super creamy perfect fudge. Firm, glossy and not gritty. (Because there is nothing worse than gritty fudge--bleh)


Christmas day was action packed  as we headed over to the hubb's moms' house. It was hodgepodge of finger foods and traditional dinner food served buffet style). We sat around catching up, eating and having a good time. Funniest moment of of the day was after all the babies opened their presents. We had given our  10 month old great-niece a Fisher Price flip phone. This was kind of a perfect-funny present because her mom is majorly attached to her cell phone. Anyway, my niece was telling how perfect this toy is and how much the baby loved it already.

As a matter of fact the baby had already figured how to change the picture. Then my niece tells me I can't figure out how to change the picture. So here we are 2 grown women trying to figure out how to change the picture on a 10 month's old toy (who HAD already done so).  After pushing all the buttons I closed it and it worked. To which we laughed hysterically and I said, "Well I supposed you have to be smarter than the toddler's toy"   derpitty-derp-derp

I mean it's not like I am a scientist or anything...sheesh

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