Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Missing Rubbermaid Tote of Christmas bags and boxes

Or as I like to call it, proof positive I am a hoarder of Christmas stuff. As I indicated in the previous post, (as found here) I have a tendency to purchase and hoard Christmas paper, ribbons, boxes and bags.  Okay-- not just Christmas stuff, but that is all I am addressing for now.

Ahem. . . .

I was missing a tote full of gift boxes and bags but we found it.

So the final tally is. . .

30 rolls of wrapping paper
71 gift boxes
47 gift bags

hahaha. . .oops. Anyone have a gift wrap emergency?  Because I have you covered er. . . wrapped. 
 Now remember this is JUST the Christmas related gift boxes, bags and wrapping paper.  
 I will not, should not might not buy anymore. . . but HAVE you seen some of the stuff they have Target?
Do you think there is a 12 step program for Christmas gift wrap?

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