Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Glitterati Not-y

I just have to ask. What is up with the glitter-fied and sequin-y Christmas? Everywhere I look (Target, Walmart, Meijers) it is glitter disco town. Don't get me wrong, if I had been there back in the the day I so would have been shaking my groove thing at Club 54. Didn't happen 'cause 1) I'm not a Naw Yawker 2) um-I would have been like 10--that would have been a little to much Pretty Baby-ish

I'm not anti-glitter or anything but I just like my Christmas ornaments a little more traditional  handmade looking.

 Just not handmade by the tween scene. Peruse the Christmas aisles--there are enough sequins, glitter (and feathers) that it looks like there was a Vegas showgirl cat fight backstage.

This looks like something my cat would leave on the doostep
I DO like things that are shiny, sparkly, blingy because contrary to popular belief I on occasion exhibit a girly side. As a matter of fact this would do nicely..hehe

I just don't want to have to clean glitter and sequins from every surface of my house. Not to mention my dog and cats like to ingest the stuff. Then it becomes a special after school special called Kitt-cats digestive disco. Trust me-NO ONE wants to see that.

Although I suppose if you MUST have a glittery ornaments click here for a great  DIY no-mess glitterfying glass ornaments craft session.

Glitter ornaments aren't the worst ornaments I have seen. For those click here, here just plain wrong) annnnd here. Be warned because you can't unsee it once viewed. (Although #10 on the first list still makes me laugh. Maniacally)

Ho Ho Ho ....Noooooo

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