Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dining Room--the Christmas edition

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The North Pole has exploded in my house! This is the room formerly known as my dining room. Once upon a time there was a  floor to walk on. And a table and chairs to sit and eat- I am feeling a little overwhelmed and ALOT claustrophobic!

Sadly this only about a 1/3 of my Christmas stuff

How many stocking do I actually need? If you are counting there are 8. One for each dog's paw?

A girl needs choices right?

2 Tree skirts here. The 3rd one is already under the tree (it has pine cones embroidered on it).

 ♥ snowmen!

Slowly things are taking shape. (Well at least I have a path to walk through.) A nice welcome into my house. 

I changed this vignette to something a bit more winter-esque. I picked up this garland at Joann's for 50% off. It was serendipitous the bird matched the picture (which was a gift from a friend)!

The wooden plaque and Joy ceramic are past gifts from my daughter. The birdcage I bought at Delhi for 80% off  and the candle is called Snowflake and was a Christmas from a friend last year.

In case I haven't mentioned it-I ♥ snowmen!  The snowman on the left was a gift from a friend (along with the box which was to pretty to get rid of) and the little Hurricane snowman was an Avon giftable some years back.

This is the bookcases just outside my living room. (Typically they are the catch-all for everything.) The mirror is a yard-sale find for $5 and is a plaster/ chalk-ware frame. At some point I will paint the frame (not a fan of the gilt) but I love that the  mirror is cloudy and aged. Very nice patina. The Father Christmas was a Hancock's purchase YEARS ago. The cardinal bell was a gift as was the little red tea light lantern. The lantern was from IKEA, not sure if they still sell them.

The bookcases were given to me from my son-in-law. They were handmade by his Grandpa.  Eventually these will be painted (don't worry--my SIL said it was ok)

One extra guest--he prefers to stand, haha. This is Billy the birdwatching snowman. I acquired him at a local festival (Apple-fest) in September.  So cute!

Finally everything is neat and tidy. My centerpiece  is a rectangular vase from IKEA filled with red and silver ornaments nestled inside a jingle bell wreath. Super simple. (What would have made the center  piece pop is if I had used battery operated LED lights inside the vase--I still may do that). My daughter made the birdhouses several years ago. I especially love the button birdhouse!

And here here is my cute little mini tree. 

I still need to put the mirror back in the frame and hang curtains. Possibly put down a nice area rug. I am pretty happy with how it looks so far. I hope you like it!


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