Friday, December 23, 2011

Countdown to Christmas

Holy Silent Night Kris Kringle! Christmas is less than 2 DAYS away! It seemed like it was taking FOR-EV-UH to be Christmas and BOOM here it is . (Now I have the Whomp! There It Is song stuck it in my head--that's not very Christmas-y, but this may Christmas-fy it a bit.  You can't un-see it and now that song is stuck in your head) Bahahahaha or is it Bahohohohoho? Just a few last minute preparations and let the merriment commence. Bring it on Santa! 

Tonight actually kicks off our festivities for 3 days of Christmas! We have dinner tonight with my family (Mom and siblings). Tomorrow is our Christmas with the hubbs, my daughter and son-in-law.  And Sunday rounds it out with the Hubb's family. 

Tonight I am responsible for bring the mac-n-cheese casserole and glazed carrots. And my car is loaded down with presents for all my nieces, nephews and my siblings. Sheesh--my car was so piled up  I couldn't see out of my rear window.

Tomorrow  in-lieu of the traditional dinner we will nom on some  appetizers since our daughter works first shift and our son-in-law works second shift.  An even more non-traditional twist--we are opening presents at 11pm since that was the only time we could carve out and be together. The things we do for family togetherness!

Sunday I am responsible for yet another mac-n-cheese casserole. What can I say my mac-n-cheese casserole is a gift unto itself. (I am soooo modest, that's just how I roll, ha!)

While our celebration is non-traditional, the one thing that is always consistent is our love for one another. Making time for one another is best present you can receive.

What are some of  your plans, traditional or otherwise?

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