Friday, December 9, 2011

Pre-Christmas freak out!

16 days until Christmas! Holy tinsel and garland Batman! I can't believe how fast Christmas is approaching. I have so many things that were on my list to do--which obviously isn't going to happen. Yet again!

I have the best of intentions every year. I do. I swear! 

I meant to make some homemade gifts. Yummy things, like this...

Gingerbread cookies in a jar

Chocolate dipped spoons--great for coffee or cocoa!

Blueberry bread

Then there were the hand crafted ornaments and decorations that are on my list of to do...

A button wreath

 Am ornament wreath

Flower pot snow-people ornaments
Felt ornaments
A jingle bell tree

And of course instead of Christmas cards I always envision sending out a fantastic Christmas newsletter. Just the right amount of funny anecdote, poignant and beautifully written on linen stationary. Nor did I decorate the windows or any exterior portion of the house. The only outdoor decorations are 2 measly artificial wreaths. No lights. No cute statues. No Festive welcome to my home. 

You will not be greeted by the delectable aroma of gingerbread. No cinnamon hot toddies. No cutesy finger foods on a decorative tray. You will be lucky to get a handful of stale crackers and a tepid glass of tap water.

Epic Fail!! Gahhhh!

At this point, I may need mood enhancement medication to keep from losing what little of my mind I have left. So if you play your cards correctly you just may end up with a handful of Xanax. Then everyone will be Merry.


  1. cindy sullivan clarkDecember 9, 2011 at 6:00 PM

    Hey Your intention was a good one just reading about all the things that could have been.Was terriffic and in my mind it was done.loved it

  2. We share the same vision of Christmas and the same results too. Maybe if we DID cross/check off items, it would get done-LOL!! Or not!!

  3. If it get's done, it get's done, if it doesn't, it doesn't! Don't stress, enjoy. One year I did everything on my list and ended up in the er on Christmas morning, so that was an real EPIC fail!! :)) Thanks for visiting me today, and Have a very Merry stress-free Christmas.......

  4. @ Noelle--Oh my that is a terrible way to spend Christmas! Thank you for the words of wisdom. I always have such plans of grandeur but have learned all my family and friends want is time with me (not the Martha Stewart wannabe, lol). Thank you for following me and have a wonderful holiday season!


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