Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Harried, holi-daze and hungry

Hello all my bloggy friends! Sorry I haven't been writing much lately (or even written much about remodeling), but with the holidays upon us things have been a bit nut-so in my little pocket of the world. I have been so busy and things crazy- hectic--it made me wonder how on earth did I manage to get through the holidays when my daughter was little?  I found that cooking and cleaning suffers immediately when things begin spiraling toward chaos.

Years ago when my daughter was little-- I  HAD to cook and clean because, I  had a little person to take care of. CPS tends to frown on leaving the kids to fend for themselves, haha. Now? I figure the hubbs is a big boy and can look after himself. (Although this can have disastrous effects--say the time my dog Chubs managed to eat an entire FROZEN pizza between grabbing it in the kitchen and running to the living room. To lay on my couch. Which was covered with a cream colored blanket....siiigh, but I digress). Now? now we  are zipping through fast food joints faster than a quickie drive through marriage in Vegas. And I have so many tumble-furs rolling across the floor I hear the theme song from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. I am waiting for the missing mouseinmyhouse to come out sporting a steston hat, chaps and spurs.

Time to make some time. For me. Us. The house. New rule! (I know-- I have a RULE for EVERYTHING!) I will spend 30 minutes everyday working on just picking things up, going through mail, putting laundry away, etc. If I can maintain some semblance of order during the week, by the time the weekend rolls around the tasks will be much more manageable. Which means happy me= happy hubby.  I am also going to cook 1 extra meal during the weekend, package it for the freezer for a quick meal during the week.

Thank goodness for the cooler weather because I have busted out the crock pot. There is no reason to be spending money for fast food when I can spend 15 minutes to set up the crock pot. Type in crock-pot recipes into the Google search bar...shazam! Lots-o-ideals! Recipes beyond chili, roasts and soups Just last night we had a tried and true crockpot-ful of ham with green, beans, potatoes and onions. I cheated and made Bisquick biscuits instead of from scratch, but it was DEEE-LI-CIOUS! 

Tomorrow I am going to try Asian style shredded pork wraps using the crock pot. I hope it is as delicious as it looks! I will serve it with fried rice or teriyaki noodles. I am kind of excited to try some new recipes. So I can save money by cooking, control the ingredients (way healthier than burger-n-fries) and if I get the hubbs in the kitchen we can spend some time together.

What about you? What are some of your tips and hints to get through the harried holidays? 

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