Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry Fatmas

Or the alternate titles of  The Eating Season or  Not All Fat People are Jolly could apply. I am almost (notice I said almost) over the edge with the amount of food that has been available. Rather a selfish statement considering there a great deal of people who go to bed hungry every night. ( Hey--I contribute to food pantry's, Round Up for the Hungry and I am not a completely self absorbed foodiefatgirl).  In the past week, my work has had our annual Facility holiday dinner (Wed), our Safety luncheon (Thur) and our Lab Christmas dinner (Fri). Of course there are the social gatherings with friends for dinner and gift exchange, the platters of cookies, bowls of candies...well you get the ideal. 

I know what you are thinking. "Just exercise some self control" BAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA...Oh, excuse me. Exercise and self-control in the same sentence? For me? HA! I believe that is what is called an oxy-moron. If I DID exercise and have self control, it wouldn't be an issue....

 Don't get me wrong I luuuurvvve the Christmas season. I get to decorate and set up my Christmas trees. I break out my massive collection of Christmas gift wrap and have pretty presents on display.

 I can listen  and sing along (badly) to Christmas music. I get to go SHOPPING and don't' have to come up with some lame-ass story for the hubbs. It is a sanctioned shopping season. Woo Hoo!! 
(Disclaimer--this is NOT me. I only wish I were that jubilant when shopping. Oh there is the young, attractive and slender thing too--SO...NOT...ME) 

I get to watch all my favorite Christmas movies.

I get to wear warm fuzzy pj's, a cozy robe and reindeer slippers!

I get to drink cocoa, cook, bake and eat all the yummy holiday nom-nom's. Oh yeah-we're back to the eating thing. Maybe if I didn't spend so much time ensconced in the big comfy recliner,  watching movies, loafing around in pj's AND eating I wouldn't feel like this--

Oh well that's what January is for right? New year, not so new resolution to lose weight get in shape, blah, blah, blah.  So for now I am gonna eat, drink (lot's o Pepto)  and be merry, happy, jolly grateful for sweaters and baggy sweatshirts.  I will  not worry about not being a chubby chasers' pin up girl until January. Excuse me because there is plate of sugar cookies calling my name...

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