Thursday, December 29, 2011

Frugal find of the week

I don't normally purchase things like this. I typically take pictures so I can re-create (at a more cost effective price) later but in this case this cost me $0. MINE!

Front of sign. Love the quote. And it's green--one of my fave colors!

back of sign
Not sure why they are reading as different shades of green. But the backside (ha-ha no pun intended) is the accurate color.

Marked down to $10 and I had $10 in TJMaxx rewards cash. So my cost was nada! Gotta love that math!

If this was a project you want to do it is a simple DIY.  This is a 1x6 board painted and a stenciled quote. Personally I like to use the leftover house paint for larger DIY crafts. It's frugal (use what you have people) and the colors will blend because you already have it in your home.

The hanger was included so no assembly on my part. Hang it and enjoy. I luuurve me some instant gratification!

My most pressing dilemma? Where to hang it? Decisions, decisions.

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