Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Technicolor daydreams

The weather has been gray, overcast, cold, dreary and drizzly. It is winter in the Midwest afterall. Everything is wet, muddy and gross. Sooo I decided to brighten my perspective and look towards Spring!

Besides counting down the days until Spring here are the 2012 Color Trends! I mean how can you be sad  when you see colors like this?

You know what's awesome? I already have Margarita PANTONE 14-0116, Solar Power PANTONE 13-0759, Cockatoo PANTONE 14-5420, Starfish PANTONE 16-1120 and Driftwood PANTONE 18-1210 incorporated in my house. Woo-hoo I am ahead of the design curve!

The mustard yellow, minty-green, aqua and  taupe are in my living room via art and accessories. These colors are carried into my dining room and there even maybe a smidge of orange in some of the art. 
If you look at the color chart (above) you have bright saturated colors (purple and fuchsia), the pastel sherbet colors (green and lilac), beach inspired colors (aqua-blue and driftwood) classic jewel-tone (royal blue) and earth tones (orange and starfish). There is something for everyone. I am not sure I want to see the room all the colors are displayed (sort of like a big-top in blender, eh?) But can envision how some of these combinations could work together?

The mustardy-yellow has been predominantly featured for the last year (paired with grey) as shown here
But what happens when you pair it with a classic traditional navy blue? Something completely unexpected. What was once staid and boring is now vibrant and fresh.
This little girl room in aqua and mustard yellow is a sophisticated combination. I love the modern lines of the lamp and headboard. The bamboo screen really warms the space up and is a nice texture.
Here is a Navy blue and lilac living room. I think it is still feminine but the blue really brings the room down from being over the top sugary-sweet.
Here is a living room which combines the deep purple, lilac and taupe. Although not my taste it is very well done.  
Now what if you wanted to combine aqua and orange? (stop making the crinkle nose icky face) How cute is this boys room? Notice the color isn't overwhelming because the room is grounded with black, charcoal and wood tones.
Okay- big finish. Fuchsia--looks great on roses. And little baby girls. And for a brief moment in the 80's it was lipstick, spandex clothing and hair color. (Hey--I said it was the 80's).  

Modern and retro at the same time. Very cool vibe!
Think Fuchsia can't be sexy and glamorous? It's like a dark chocolate covered raspberry.  This room is sexy and sophisticated. Love this!
Me personally, I like to keep my furniture and walls neutral and bring in pillows, curtains  and accessories for pops of color. It is much more cost effective and well we know I am all about the cheap frugal.  And while I don't typically follow all the fads and trends for color and prints the designers push every year, it is still nice to know that I am not so out of touch. Although my house is antique my design sensibility is not (or so I like to think). Hopefully these colors have awakened your dormant winter brain and has given you something to consider.

I don't plan on having all these colors in my house, but look around my gardens when they are in glorious bloom and all those colors will be there in some form. Siiigh, I really want spring to be here. At least I have the nifty little widget to count the days for me. Happy technicolor daydreams!


  1. I am looking forward to spring too! I can't wait until the weather starts to warm up. I am loving the colors Pantone has pegged for this year, and your examples are spot on.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I can't wait for spring and winter has just started. lol I'm not a fan of cold and gloomy. Great post on color trends! Good to see that my aqua/orange guest bedroom makeover just a couple of months ago is ahead of the trend! ;)

    It's nice to 'e-meet' you Tonya! I'm your newest follower and look forward to seeing more!

    Have a Happy New Year!


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