Thursday, December 22, 2011

Finding inspiration

That is a pretty profound statement. Finding Inspiration. How do you find inspiration? Not just a topic  for a blog post but in life. What inspires you? What is your passion? 

Some people would see this and say there is nothing there. I see this as infinite possibilities.
These are some of the questions I am being forced to ponder as I begin a new chapter in my life. Everyday I wake up and ask myself, "Is today the day I will be inspired?" To create something. To make a difference. To make a choice. (To make the correct choice). To learn. To change. To grow (just not out of my current clothing size). To inspire someone else.

Inspiration comes from many places, things and within. Like the wind you can't see it, but you feel it. Sometimes is frenzied, furious and unrelenting in it's force. Other times it is barely perceptible like a gossamer wisp.

I find inspiration in the most ordinary of moments--the smile of my husband, my daughters laugh, my dog's bark , the purr of my cat, the patter of rain on my metal roof, and the changing of light to dark on the horizon. Sometimes it comes from a snippet of conversation, reading an article, a color, or a fragrance. I often have my most inspired ideals when I allow myself to relax and my mind to wander. Inspiration isn't always about new ideals. Sometimes memories and the emotional response associated with the memory can provide inspiration.

I may not know the final destination but I am looking forward to the journey...

So...WHAT/ WHO/WHERE inspires you?

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