Thursday, December 15, 2011

Obsessive Compulsive Collections

I don't know what is is about my psyche, but I find I get COMPLETELY obsessed with some collectible and it is all I can focus on. 

Through the years there has been the milk-glass and hobnail  vases, chandelier and lamps.

The copper music boxes, which actually are boxes at all. I have a stove, a plane, a jalopy, a church, and a  wishing well. Unfortunately these are gathering dust sitting on a ledge in the garage...

 Picture frames anyone?

Bird related stuff (mostly figurines).

(no pics)


And here is my latest obsession... Skeleton Keys. I plan on painting all these so they appear more cohesive.

 I have enough stuff I could have my own thrift store, ha! And I'm sure if I looked around my house I have lots of other collections.

What are some of your collectibles?

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