Thursday, February 2, 2012

7 things (Versatile Blogger part 2)

Haha...oops I was so excited about the blog award I TOTALLY forgot to tell y'all 7 things about myself. (epic fail)

1. I don't eat lima beans, peas, or mushrooms. Unless they are in a soup or casserole. bleh...

2. I am afraid of heights. And fire. And flooding. (Does this count as 1 or 3?)

3. I think I am hilarious. My daughter tells me not so much.

4. I won the school spelling bee in 6th grade. (Oh how the mighty  have fallen)

5.I am involved in animal rescue and I am sure 99% of my friends and family on facebook have me blocked because they are tired of me cross-posting all the animals.

6. My closest claim to fame is I met Leon Wilkerson from Lynyrd Skynard  at a barnightclub, nice wholesome family restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida in 1987. He was playing in houseband while on  break from LS...FREEBIRD...WHOOO...sorry momentary flashback.

7.  While I was in Florida (in 1987) I got sooooo sunburnt, I had to take several baths in vinegar to help with the blistering and peeling. So I smelled like a giant pickle. I am pretty sure if Leon Wilkerson ever thought of me (which why would he because he was freaking famous!) he remembered me as the weird pickle girl from Ohio.

So there you have it. 7 things about me I bet you wish you had never known. Sucks for you because you can't un-see it and you did click on the post to read it. HA!

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