Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Versatile Blogger

I got an award!! Woo-Hoo! I feel like Miss America. If Miss America were short, fat and middle-aged. They should totally have a category for that. I would OWN it!  Anyhoo, 1st Man (name withheld for privacy) from Two Men and a Little Farm  nominated me! Thank you so much! He was the very first follower on my blog and encouraged me to keep going. Over the short time we have become "cyberly" acquainted, (sorry--that sounds kinda dirty-haha) he has proven to be a wonderful friend and excellent resource for helping me as a newbie blogger! Please check out his blog! It is always engaging, interesting and he has a great wit! 

I so feel like Sally Field...You Like me! Right now You Like Me!

~*Here are the rules of the prize*~

1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Include a link to their blog.
3. Select blogs/bloggers that you've recently discovered and nominate them for this award.
4. Finally tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

Chateau Chic--Mary Alice has some of  the most amazing  rooms. Her tagline on her blog is "A little bit of vintage french inspired living". I am telling you I can almost taste the crusty french bread and smell the lavender fields!  She has only been blogging a couple of months but has amassed a nice following. Please check out her blog, it is delightful!

Making it Homey-- Sandi's tagline on her blog is "Taking everyday things and making them beautiful". And she does not disappoint! I swear she is the Furniture Whisperer. She turns sad and homely furniture into knock-outs. Please stop by her blog and say hi!

Daffodil Hill--Suzanne is a newbie blogger. She has a BEA-U-TIFUL home, so bright and vibrant. Her blog is well written and I hope you find her posts/ photos as inspirational as I do.

Living in the 513--I would be committing a mis-service if I didn't include Karen, since she is a local gal! She  has some thrifty shopping skills! She showcases some of her finds, makeover items and recipes.

Is This Load Bearing-- Donna and husband Norm are die hard DIY'ers. They actually build furniture and cabinets. I mean seriously  it is hard enough to go to the store and pick something out, but to conceive an ideal and build it? Wow! Be sure to check out their Master bathroom! 

Home Preferred--Noelle is a self professed design junkie. She has a stylish home, features some great inspirations, recipes and easy anyone can do crafts. She is very peppy and upbeat and that comes across in her blog. Please share the joy and visit her blog!

Home Project--Linn and her husband have been remodeling the most charming 1940's bungalow. The kitchen is a jewel-box and she offers some great craft tutorials.

The following ladies are ROCK STARS in the blogging community. I am sure you are already familiar with them but they all have been so gracious I wanted to give them a shout out. They never fail to inspire me! So even though they have garnered lots of attention and awards, I wanted to show my fan appreciation by nominating them. Hopefully they think of it as a early valentine...aaannnnnd not weird and stalker-ish.

The DIY Show Off--Roeshel is a serial DIY'er and has a fantabulous blog! Besides posting projects of her own she features other bloggers  and expands their fan base. Her house is to die for!!  Stunning, well appointed decor. (Maybe I am partial because it is farmhouse?...mmm) Talented , personable and gracious--what a gal! 

The Mustard Ceiling-Elizabeth is an interior designer and  obsessed DIY'er. She is young, vivacious and always has a finger on the pulse of design. If only I were that hip (and pretty!)

My Repurposed Life--Gail is THE QUEEN of Trash to Treasures. I am not kidding. She is like Queen Midas. Everything she touches is golden. OK-not really but her projects sure are beautiful!

The Nesting Place-- Myquillyn (yes that's her name) has a beautiful home, has been featured in major publications, sometimes her choices are a bit quirky but that is the premise of her blog. Love what you have. Don't be afraid to take some risk. Change your perspective. Her blog is always entertaining.

This award could not have been better timed. Since Valentine's is around the corner, go check these blogs, share the love and try something new! But use protection--I am talking about gloves and eye protection...(WHAT did you think I meant? bahahaha!)


  1. Tonya! Congratulations on your award! So deserving. You know how much I love your style/your farmhouse! :)

    I am so so honored that you've passed it along to me! Thank you so much for making my day!!!


  2. Tonya, Thank you so much for passing this award along to me. This is a huge affirmation to me that I must be doing something right since I just started blogging in January. You are so gracious to recognize me.
    Thank you, Mary Alice

    I see I've joined your blog twice. :-) Don't know how that happened.

  3. Roeshel--Thanks! That is an amazing compliment coming from you (and your house that make my heat flutter)!

    Mary Alice- Your welcome! You are doing a wonderful job with your blog. And you joined twice because you like me and my blog so much-haha

  4. Tonya,
    Thank you for nominating me & for your sweet email sending more positive thoughts. Happy Thursday & thank you again! Karen

  5. Congratulations on your award Tonya, so exciting and well-deserved. Thank you for nominating me, I am flattered. Your sweet introduction made me blush :).

  6. Tonya, how sweet of you to think of me. Thanks so much for the very kind words about me and my little corner of the world.

  7. Congratulations, Tonya, and thank you for the nomination and very kind words! That means so much being new to the blog community!

    By the way, the flashback of Sally Fields acceptance speech made me laugh! Remember when Martin Short use to mock that in his SNL days?

    Thank you, again. That is so, so sweet!


  8. Karen--It is easy to be kind and generous to one who exudes those traits. Thank you for commenting and I am sending oodles of positive energy your way!

    Elizabeth-Thank you for your kind words and commenting on my blog. I really appreciate you always taking the time to comment back or send a message. Every girl should get a blush worthy compliment--especially when it is deserved.

    Gail- Your welcome. I always look forward to your blog and what magic you have worked up for your latest find. And besides we practically neighbors, lol

    1st Man-Hehe! Tell me about it. I have stopped smiling all day! I am so happy for you (noticed you picked up a few more followers--YAY!) I am so thankful for you nominating me. Totally.Made.My Day!

  9. Donna--Haha--OMG I FORGOT he used to do that. Thank you and you are welcome. I do so enjoy your blog and love to what y'all have been up to! Thanks for commenting!


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