Thursday, February 16, 2012

Learning how to strip

I never thought at my age I would ever say that phrase. But it is true. I am learning how to strip. I wasn't sure I  could do this. I felt nervous and awkward. Music played softly in the background. With a flick of the switch the light was on and time for me to do my thing. At first my movements were kind of clumsy. I was told "Don't be afraid" and soon I found my rhythm. I couldn't believe I was stripping!

Strip quilting that is. HA! (Really? You thought it the other thing? Eeew--no one wants to see that!) Man what a dirty birdie.

I mentioned sometime back my lovely friend Miss Trish is teaching me how to quilt. She is teaching me the basics before I sew my quilt blocks of the month.  Things like how to measure, cut, pin, and sew a straight line. Which I apparently have some difficulty sewing a straight line. Well, that and keeping the seam at 1/4 inch. Unless we used dressmakers chalk.   Although after using the seam ripper a few times and re-doing some of the blocks my technique got much better! Such a task master. sheesh. I told her I was going to call it Trish's Sweatshop.

Today I was able to pick out fabrics, cut the strips, sew them, and learned simply by offsetting the strips you could vary the pattern.

Here she has set up her cutting table and laid out some of the tools. All the fabrics are 100% cotton and have been pre-washed. Iron before cutting to remove wrinkles. Cut 3 1/2 inch strips (allowing for 1/4 inch seam allowance)

Once strips were cut and ironed (press the light seam edge over to the darker fabric), the strip edges were then squared off.

Using the technique of Stack and Whack allows you to cut more pieces quickly. Just verify everything is lined  up

 Here are my assembled strips waiting to be sewn together.

So there you have the beginning of a quilt!

And because I am such a nerd, I want to learn as much as I can about quilting (that and I don't understand all the terminology) I went to the library to check out a few books on quilting...

And my friend Trish sent this to me tonight..

Ode to My Wife the Quilter
Author Unknown

She learned to quilt on Monday.
Her stitches all were very fine.

She forgot to thaw out dinner.
so we went out to dine.

She quilted miniatures on Tuesday.
she says they are a must.

They really were quite lovely.
But she forgot to dust.

On Wednesdays it was a sampler.
She says stipling's fun.

What highlights! What Shadows!
But the laundry wasn't done.

Her patches were on Thursday -
Green, yellow, blue and red.
I guess she was really engrossed;
She never made the bed. 

It was wall hangings on Friday,
In colors she adores. It never bothered her at all,
The crumbs on the floors. 

I found a maid on Saturday.
My week is now complete. My wife can quilt the hours away;
The house will still be neat.

Well, it's already Sunday.
I think I'm about to wilt. I cursed, I raved, I ranted,
The MAID has learned to QUILT!


  1. Tonya - I'm glad you enjoyed quilt piecing (again!) today! HAHA @ Trish's Sweatshop!

    I can't wait til we can finish your mini-quilt and move on to bigger stuff! You're doing great!

  2. Also - for anyone looking at the pictures, we did actually iron the fabric before cutting - I think we were just measuring the fabric right from the stash stack and checking it out in the first pic! :)

  3. Ha! Cute post! Your quilt is going to look beautiful too, nice job!

  4. Looking good! A lovely group of ladies I work with twisted my arm (haha) and I am now making at least one crib quilt for Project Linus. The finished quilts go to babies in the NICU at Good Sam. I have the quilt top to one done (because I am doing a ridiculously simple pattern)and will probably do at least one more. I am also making the same type for my newest niece (just finished the quilt top today). Some day we shall quilt together!


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