Thursday, February 23, 2012

Vintage Headboard

Technically it is a vintage (1930's-1940's) bed-frame (headboard, foot-board, side rails) including  a dresser and mirror. I am saving the foot-board and rails for another project. The dresser is currently employed as a work surface and storage in my kitchen. 

Here is the the very Plain Jane headboard which has been sitting in my garage for about a decade. I know it is shameful.
It's kinda dusty

And mirror which has some lovely detailing.
The mirror is just beginning to show some lovely patina on the glass
Close up of mirror detail

The nightstands I am using in the spare bedroom are white.  I could paint it white and call it a day. But feel like it needs...something. Some decorative applique? Stencil? Decoupage? Upholster?

Here are some inspirations
Shabby chic vintage cottage full size bed
Queen Size Romantic Cottage/Shabby Chic Mosaic Headboard/ Footboard Reserved for Trelan
PlEaSe Do NoT PuRcHaSe     Reserved Listing for Spazzie

I kinda like them all! Suggestions? 

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  1. Thanks for linking up this post on Stinky Linky Party...hope you get inspired on exactly what those pieces are screaming for!

    1. Thanks Janel! I STILL haven't decided what to do with these yet. But hey they have already been waiting 10 years soooo...what's another week or couple of months!


  2. I love the reasons you linked up! I featured this on You Stink tonight on Hating Martha.

    1. Yahooo! I have never been so excited to be told I stink before! woot!


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