Friday, February 17, 2012

Foodie Frugal Friday #1

Welcome to my first Foodie Frugal Friday!  (Haha- say that 3 times real fast!) Fridays are going to be my "day off" from my blog--Sorry! no projects or remodeling updates. However every Friday I will feature some recipes from across the web and blog-land. Eventually I hope to make this a Foodie Linky Party where y'all can submit some of your favorite recipes especially those budget busters. Let's face it--money is tight (for most of us), we all gotta eat, and if we can share some yummy recipes, a funny story or two and save some pennies--I am alllll over that!

Ring the the chow bell and hook up yer feedbag y'all!

This vegetarian rice stuffing has me drooling!
I love that they list the ingredients prices and where to buy them!
I checked my pantry, freeezer and fridge. I had everything but shallots and marmalade. It would be easy to sub ingredients! I DO have onions and apricot jam though!
Oh Man this looks good!  

Don't forget dessert!

Healthy and quick!
Worth the wait!
Oreo's and cream cheese. Could there  be a more perfect union? I think not!
If you want to send me recipes please email me. Please include a picture, a complete recipe and any story you want to share!

I would love to hear from you! Happy Eating!

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