Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What's behind door #1

A NEW CAR!  Sorry I just had a momentary lapse and daydreamed I was on The Price is Right. Man I loved that show.  Although can you imagine being the person who loses the awesome prize because you were off by a $1. That would suck. Anyhoo, what IS behind door # 1?

I had blogged about my living room  back in November. I have done a few subtle tweaks.

Goodwill trunk for my coffee table
Here I am using an old army trunk and a vintage wine crate flipped upside down as my side table. (Ignore the wireless router)
I added my gossip bench as temporary extra seating. And the table arm is great to set your drink down.

More books  and room for a basket
I tucked a vintage child sized bookcase (only 9 inches depth)  along with a industrial metal magazine holder behind the door. I can stash my books and magazines for easy access without cluttering up the room.

Still need to paint the bookcase
And look at these nubby cable knit sweater pillows. I bought these at Meijers on clearance for $6 each!

The covers are removable to I can just add new covers to use the pillows year round
That's it for now. I love that I have been able to give the room some personality by using some of my frugal finds. I realize it isn't everyone's design. It isn't matchy-matcy. It isn't high end (or middle end for that matter). What it is--collected and cozy. Just the way we like it!

 I need to find a permanent home for the gossip bench. As much as I LOVE my big comfy recliner I think it may be time to retire it (sniffle, sniffle) and bring in more appropriate seating. I have a chair and ottoman in the spare bedroom that would better fit the space and all I need to do is slipcover it. I still need some decor or art behind the sofa. A little DIY will be in order as I  patch in the baseboards and paint them. Paint the bookcase. Paint the door and door molding.

And if you are wondering WHY I have a door on my living room it began several years ago when I had abdominal surgery. I was unable to climb the stairs so I slept in the big comfy recliner and my hubbs installed the door to keep the dogs from jumping on me. I decided I really liked being able to close the door and limit access to this room.  Besides this is the room where my guinea pigs now live!

Pansy (left) and Petunia (right) waiting in their holding pen while I clean their cages and after their baths.
At one point I considered naming my blog Crooked Critter Shack instead of My Cozy Little FarmhouseI decided that was just depressing and kinda creepy. So me and all of critters thank you for stopping by. Kinda reminds me of the Beverly Hillbillies closing scene.

Y'all come back, now hear!

Any updates you want to share?


  1. Great deal on the pillows. They are so cute!

    1. Thanks Sarah--I do love these pillows but I am always worried the dogs (or cat) are going to get them dirty. Or worse snag them. Not exactly super pet friendly (probably not super kid friendly either) but at least they look cute and I can close the door, haha.


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