Saturday, February 25, 2012

Look for Less #1

Welcome to my very first Look for Less. I am going to recreate a look found in some of the popular catalogs, magazines and websites but on a budget. As for now I plan this to be a monthly feature.

Here are the inspirations. SO MANY CHOICES!!

Hammered Nickle $399
Brushed Aluminum
turned wood pedestal table - silver $299

Polished Aluminum, $100

Hammered Copper $499 
Antique Mahogany, Bronze and Marble, $18,500
Hammered metal Cocktail table, no price specified

And here is my sad little table. Looking more than a tad worn. 

So which way did I decide to go on my sad little table.  Chrome? Hammered Nickle? Brushed aluminum? Polished Aluminum? Hammered Copper? Antiquey Wood and Bronze?

The chrome table won't work because the shape is completely different, not to mention the finish will be difficult for me to recreate since it is mirror like.
The hammered nickle  table is a contender. The circular shape and overall height  works . The base is different but the finish could be re-created
The brushed aluminum table won't work even though they are both circular tables the overall profile is to dissimilar. However, I think the finish could be re-created.
X The polished aluminum is also eliminated. The lines are comparable but the finish is to mirror like for me to recreate.
The hammered copper  table is a contender. The circular shape and overall height  works . The profile is dissimilar but the finish could be re-created
The antiquey  table is a very strong contender. The circular shape and overall height  works. The lines are very similar.. The marble look can be created  with faux paint, the bronze finish can be replicated and the detailing can be mimicked with decorative trim work.
The hammered metal cocktail table is a contender. The circular shape works. The height, profile and base are  dissimilar but the finish could be re-created

You would think the antiquey table wins but it looks a little to heavy and staid. So pick again. Here's a clue...

Yep I went for a hammered metal finish with a twist. Soooooo (drum roll please)....
I think the nailhead trim gives it some oomph!

You can really see the texture here.
Wanna see how I did this? Check my blog on Tuesday (Feb 28th)  and I will give you the details including cost.  CLICK HERE

How did it turn out? Is it a hit or miss?

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  1. Hammered Metal with a Twist? Very good but is it legal in Georgia? LOL

    1. HI Terry! Thanks for commenting. I don't if that is legal anywhere! Haha

  2. Great job Tonya! I like "hammered with a twist". The nailhead trim is a fun addition. Have a great weekend.

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Thank you! It take much time (mostly watching paint dry, haha) Everyone that has seen it (esp. in real life) loves it. So that's a bonus! Have a great weekend!


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