Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Yipes! Stripes!

I guess the title is a bit of a give away. Something to do with stripes. I have a bowling alley vibe going on with the upstairs hallway.  (Ummm...ignore ALL of the paint cans, And peeling paint. And all the crap that detracts from this project)

This is the view from the stair landing facing the spare bedroom. Not a whole lot going on. Especially on the right hand side. This wall is the backside (haha I said backside, so juvenile!) of the the dressing room. The left wall already has texture because it is painted paneling. I have pattern with the curtains felt this wall was just kind of...flat.  And nobody wants a flat backside. (You realize of course Sir Mix-a-Lot "Baby Got Back"  is now playing in my head.  I have issues...) Umm, where was I?...oh yeah...Boring wall, blah, blah, blah.

The drywall had already been primed and  painted with 1 coat of Valspar Subtle Taupe. It just looked...blah. So I started over. I repainted the wall with the creamy buttermilk. Here you can really see the difference in the paint colors. 
Left= Buttermilk, Right= Taupe)
Just a little lighter and brighter.

Next for a little pizzazz. I wanted to do a paint treatment . I have lots of stencils but was feeling kinda lazy. I decided to add stripes. I began by measuring 2 inches down from the ceiling since we are going to some crown molding. (And by we I mean the royal we. As is the hubbs is gonna install it. I am just going to boss him around. So nothing new, haha) Then I measured 4 inches up from the floor to account for base molding. That left me with 74 inches of wall height. Then I began to manipulate the numbers (OMG! I had to do math!!) so I came up with 8 stripes. Each stripe is measured at 9.25 inches.  I felt this was provide impact and texture without being overwhelming! The hubbs had to help me with making sure the lines were level because 1) I am short and couldn't see the tape measurements  2) I have T-Rex arms and couldn't reach to properly draw a level line 3) and I hate to admit this but my boobage kind of gets in the way when I bend down, ...ummm, yeah...

My base color is Buttermilk. For the stripes I wanted to keep I made tape X's to remind myself  NOT to paint the contrasting color and I taped just inside the pencil line.  Here are all the lines taped, just waiting for me to paint.

TA-DA!! (I still need to install crown molding and baseboard)
The contrasting stripe is Smoked Oyster by Valspar.

Now for a few decorations. 
 Not sure if I am gonna keep these prints. I purchased these at Michael's 2 years ago on clearance and they have been gathering dust in my closet.

The mirror was a find from Big Lots about 6 years ago. The floral is on a plaster key I purchased at Joann's at 70% off! The image reflected in the mirror was a gift from my daughter in 2006. It is a close up of a flower from my garden that she had framed for me. (Sorry for the weird Ikea light glare reflected in the mirror)

For the most part everything went well  and no major incidents except the exploding pencil, the fact that I smacked my head into the wall and ended up with a bang-ful of paint and I managed to get a my bum! Gaaaahhh!

I got my inspiration to paint stripes from the following sources:

I really just luuurrrvvee it! It so unexpected when you go upstairs. Both the hubbs and the daughter really like it.  So what do you think so far?

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  1. Hey Tonya! I like the stripes, but me being me, I would have went vertical to minimize the *bowling alley effect*. But, in the end - I LOVE the way this turned out!

    As for how the hallway looks? It reminds me of the old houses I saw overseas a lot. I kind of like it. Better than something bland and without feature!

  2. Tricia--I thought about painting the stripes vertically instead of horizontally but I have so much vertical texture from the surrounding paneling. Also the bowling alley effect should be further minimized when I install the drapery panels on either side of the dressing room door.

    Thank you--we do really like it. It is a modern touch in a rather traditional environment. I am still working on tweaking stuff so there will definitely be more pictures to follow! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Love the vertical stripes. What a great job!
    Glad to be your newest follower, Mary Alice

  4. WOW! beautiful! Can you come paint our house? LOL!

    Just wanted you to know I nominated you for versatile blogger award:


  5. I think it's gorgeous! Wow! Great job!

  6. I like it and it really makes an impact. Like the colors too. Great job!


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