Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Quick update

Thank you for all the well wishes regarding my cat! Wussie-cat is home from surgery and we are all so grateful. She is currently wobbling around from her pain medication.  Drunk people=funny. Drunk pets=HILARIOUS!

Stay tune for tomorrow's post! Wednesday I am going to reveal my upstairs hallway makeover. It turned out rather well and I am very pleased with myself, hehe. Here's a sneaky peaky during the makeover.
Yeah right, like I was gonna ruin the surprise!
Thursday I am revealing my gossip bench make-over. And it involves this...
Yes--$2.00 something from Home Depot
2  completed house project posts  in  1 week. Whooboy-I am a mad woman. Someone better stop me...

I have several small projects in the works, using items I have  by re-purposing or updating.

Project 1 involves jute twine

Project 2 involves faux leather

Project 3 involves plexiglass

Are you intrigued?


  1. Me me me! I'm interested!!!

    Love your blog momma. I wish I could be that creative! keep up the good work, and make me something pretty!

    Love AJ

  2. yes I am very intrigued... If only we all could think outside the box love it....

  3. You've got so much creativity-I'm envious. Looking forward to seeing the projects!

  4. @AJ--Thank you. I am trying to keep it interesting.

    @Sandra--Good! I am definitely trying to be creative and use what I have!

    @Sue--Thank you! I sure do try!


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