Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pull up a chair and let's gossip

Did you know a generation or 2 ago most people had a special chair dedicated to their phone. It is called a gossip chair or gossip bench.

The days of being attached to a land line means you need a (presumably) comfortable place to sit AND to show off your phone.

To have a telephone was a sign of affluence in the 1800's. Initially the gossip benches were designed to reflect the fashion of the time. They fell out of favor for while but there has been a resurgence or nostalgia. Some designer models or antiques can cost upward of $1200. Check your local thrift store chances are you can score one for less than $50. With a little TLC, you can make it whatever you want.

Victorian Inspired
Danish Modern
Gothic Revival
Mission Style
Mid Century Modern
The Atomic 1950's
um no--so very wrong!
Wicker beachy
Simple and sweet (Love this!)
Vintage  reproduction (and this!)
Modern Country--so cute
Jonathan Adler Modern but a nod to the 1960's-very sleek

It just so happens I was perusing one of my local thrifting haunts and came across this little beauty. 

 (I know I know it looks a little rough) But I see the potential. And hey doesn't this look kinda familiar?  (Scroll up to vintage reproduction). Haha-serendipitous yes?

Nothing a little fabric, paint and some elbow grease can't fix. Stay tuned for the reveal  because it looks adorable!


  1. Tonya, the second one from the top my mother in law use to have oh I wished she would of kept it but who knows where it went. I do know she use to keep it in the basement at one of thier houses and I believe that was the last I saw of it. But any ways I wanted you to know that I love love love your blogs......Keep writing and I my lovely niece will keep on reading. Love Ya Auntie She :)

  2. Well if I am ever out and about and I come across a Danish Modern gossip bench I will be happy to get it for you! Thank you Aunt She--I appreciate the comments AND encouragement!

  3. Tonya that is so lovely and I see the potential in that lil chair also what a great find..I love that stuff I have a little rocking chair that gives me great pleasure every time I look at it... so keep on with the finds.

  4. Thanks Aunt Sandra! I think my heart actually skipped a beat when I saw it, haha!

  5. Awesome post! I wish we had room for something like that. I might have to rethink some furniture arrangment, ha. Can't wait to see the big reveal!!!

  6. I have a mid century modern gossip bench that was my grandmothers. I am currently recovering it (someone else had recovered it), to bring new life to it, but to also keep classic look to it. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks Rebecca-Glad you stopped by for a visit. I did a reveal post of the after update I would love to see pictures of your gossip bench update!


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