Monday, January 2, 2012

Projects ahoy!

2012 is going to be interesting. Maybe that is a nice way of saying I have no bloody ideal on what I am doing. I am officially unemployed. Overwhelmed. Without direction. But with no job to get in the way I should be able to knock out a kazillion projects right? Haha, yeah that is what I thought.

I actually made a list and it is HUGE (the following is just a few items from my list)! Until I find gainful employment I will really need to watch my pennies. Lets hope my creativity and non-existent budget will be a match made in clearance aisle heaven.

1.  FINISH my upstairs bathroom remodel (seal grout, install crown molding, install baseboard, install shower/towel rods)

2. Stairwell project-Lose the elevator shaft vibe. Paint  and stencil the walls. Install my cool vignette--hehe I can't wait for this reveal! Refinish the stair treads. Paint and stencil the stair risers. Possibly add a surprise lighting feature.

3. Master bedroom redo. Carpet is in but the walls look like a world map due to epic fail paint job. (peeling paint)

4. Craft closet--is currently the closet of hoarding horrors. Paint, new light fixture, update flooring, and reconfigure storage options.

5. Dressing room -- Install flooring and baseboards. Update lighting.

6. Upstairs hallway--install new flooring

7. Dining room-yep new flooring, baseboards and paint touch up. Maybe some cool storage options.

8. Kitchen-total gut job

9. Downstairs bathroom-total gut job

10. Laundry room-total gut job

11. Potting shed

12. The great garage clean out

13. Rain barrel install

14. Fountain install

15. Dream project--a small greenhouse (preferably from reclaimed and re-purposed items)

16.  Raised garden beds

17. Paver walkway

18. Fence the yard

19. Paint the exterior of the house

20. New porch columns/ railings

21. Redo porch floor and steps

22. Basement (aka the dungeon) --clean out and new steps

So yeah, lots of things to do. Not to mentions I have dozens of small type projects (crafts etc) that range form refinishing furniture, rewire lamps, floral arrangements, making pillows, quilting etc...

Wish me luck because I am gonna need it!


  1. Sorry about your job. That's quite the "to do" list though, it should keep you occupied and busy and we'll send good thoughts your direction.

  2. @1st Man--Thanks. I knew this day would be here soon enough. My plant closed due to outsourcing overseas (bleh). Somehow you are never quite prepared (emotionally). I am looking but in this can afford to be picky. So it may be time to go back to school and do something completely different. Just don't know what that different "thing" is!

    Many of the projects will be achievable but the kitchen/laundry/ downstairs bathroom and fence install may have to wait until I find a job. I am really skittish about touching my savings.

    So I have to be SUPER creative..and the cheap part goes without saying, haha


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