Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Out to the floral show (Sneek peek)

This blog is temporarily interrupted because my daughter took me to the Spring Floral Show at the Krohn Conservatory for my birthday. I will post more pics later. My daughter has an awesome new camera and she has some AH-MAZE-ING shots. I can't wait to load them. 
 Best. Birthday. Present. Ever!

Main entry

Butterfly chair


Tulips in bloom

Lilies smelled divine!

 Cacti  and Succulent room (Not a fan of cacti--ouch! But I like the succulents)

Orchid Room

Bonsai Room-Some of the Bonsai have been training for 40 years. Wow!


Powder Puff Tree (Seriously--that's the name)

Wasn't that a lovely little respite from Winter? yes I think it was!


  1. What a lovely, lovely day you must have had with your daughter. Can't think of a nicer way to spend a birthday!
    Mary Alice

  2. Thank you! She is my everything (even though she is grown and married) We are pretty much joined at the hip, haha. She is a wonderful daughter and an even better person!

  3. Love the pics. I remember going to the Krohn a lot as a kid & seeing the waterfall & fish. My parents had their wedding pics done there. Enjoying your blog & yes, it is always raining in the 513.....lol. Karen

  4. Oh what a fun birthday! I have a powder puff tree that exact pink color and it is starting to bloom (I live in South Florida). It is lovely but it is huge and kind of annoying when the flowers drop. :-) Lovely pics!


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