Sunday, January 1, 2012

Quilting for Dummies

Quilting For Dummies

This isn't so much a house remodel project as it is a craft for me. As indicated in this post I am learning how to quilt. (Bless my friend for volunteering. I hope she has lots of patience. If not I hope she has lots of liquor and nerve pills, because she will need it when finished with me, haha).

I went to Joann's Fabrics and found this Quilt block of the month on clearance. The setting kit was originally priced at $39.99/ clearance price $15.99. Each block originally priced at $7.99/ clearance price $3.19.  Original price total $135.87. My clearance cost $54.27.  I saved $81.60 Woo-hoo! 

There are 12 blocks consisting of :

The Four Patch Variation


9 Patch Star

Road to Oklahoma

Pieced Star Variation

Double Hourglass

Water Wheel Variation

Stars and Squares Variation

Perpetual Motion

Evening Star

Twin Star

Double Square

Okay-I have to confess I have NO IDEAL what any of this terminology means. I have several reference books for a crash course in quilting. I am really excited to make this quilt. I hope that it is something that "sticks" and I have a new lifelong hobby. Fingers crossed. Just not when I am quilting.


  1. Sounds like a good project to start the new year. I have zip talent in the home ec department. I can cook, so hubby hangs on to me. But, I sure wish I would have paid attention when mom tried to teach that stuff to me. I was a rebellious one.......
    Anywho-Happy New Year. Can't wait to see the finished project!

  2. @Sue-Thanks I REALLY hope I can do this. I have always loved quilts (but am way to cheap to buy them). So not only is this a potential hobby it will also (hopefully) provide some heirloom quality quilts I can pass on to family members.

    Haha--I always joke the hubbs was like a stray dog. I fed him and he never went away!

  3. I can sew but not quilt so I take the material to my mother in law ans she does the quilts for me... But wishing you the best........


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