Friday, January 13, 2012

My Pinterest Obsession

I reeeeaaaallllyyyy need a life. 47 boards and 1000 pins!

If ONLY I could re-purpose items this creatively

Be this stylish...and thin!
Have rooms this dreamy and perfect!

Be this organized
Bake like a chef
But most of all I wish I would not be so obsessive about pinning things and ACTUALLY  go create something!


  1. Though I've not started my own board, I agree-Pinterest is fascinating. But--I'm NOT going to try and wear shoes like that! LOL!!

  2. 1000 pins... I'll be there soon enough! I am addicted to Pinterest!

  3. @Sue--it is sooo addicting! I wish I could wear shoes like that again. I am a little old and probably past the weight capacity! Haha

    @Donna-Thank you for stopping by my blog! I wonder if there is a support group for Pinterest addiction? LOL


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