Monday, January 30, 2012

Feline drama and Funky Frugal Finds#1

I had a little bit of a rough day today. I had to take my almost 18 yr. old Wussie-cat to the vet. (yes that is her name and is quite appropriate). Her face had suddenly become swollen on one side and her eye looked rather icky. I was quite nervous as to what the vet might say. And then of course, prior to the visit , the hubbs and I had a conversation about quality of life  and as morbid as it sounds we talked about the financial impact. I can't even begin to tell you how horrid I felt analytically discussing the value of my pet's life...siiigghh.

Fortunately it appears all is far. The vet kept her over night (no extra charge --yay us) and began to administer antibiotics. Her blood-work was sent out for analysis and if there are no issues she will undergo surgery tomorrow for an abscess and to remove any other teeth (what few she has remaining--poor little girl). Phew...almost. Her treatment..$324.00. Yikes!

Because of this I sought solace in some retail therapy. But seeing as how I am soon to be cash depleted it had to be frugal retail therapy. As in back alley type shopping. Since I am leery of alleys. And guys that say the goods are in the trunk  (Hey I watched Casino!) I went thrifting instead. I  actually found some funky little things. Check it out....

Cute wooden bowl ($0.45)

Magic Banana' just a wooden banana ($0.57)
How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if the wood was a nut? ($0.57)
 Did you know in the  Pineapple is a symbol of hospitality? First encountered by Columbus in 1493 this was sourced back to Europe. European horticulturalists struggled for 2 centuries for a hothouse cultivar. Early colonist's would often have a Pineapple on display when guest would visit as this was the warmest welcome  a hostess could offer.
Wood pineapple tray.  ($0.75)
Wood grapes ($0.97)
Punched copper welcome sign in a wood frame. I can't wait to  do a verdigris  treatment  (that beautiful green oxidation that forms on old copper) and paint the the frame. ($1.35)
A little copper finished metal bucket embossed with stars.($0.45 )
So my "shopping spree" cost  me a whopping $5.44 after taxes. Not to bad, eh? Now I realize what I bought may not appeal to everyone. But I thought they were super quirky and cute. Definitely not your Grandma's wax fruit. Even if I decide not to use it for display, it would make for great play items for my beautiful 3 yr. old niece Lele. (Sorry no pic for privacy concerns--but trust me she is gor-ge-ous but I am kinda partial to her!) SO that is my Funky Frugal Find of the week. What about you? Any steals and deals you want to share?


  1. Hope Wussy-cat is up and at em' soon.
    And you can be analytical all you want--when it comes "time", that goes right out the window.


  2. Awe, poor Wussie-girl. Praying for a speedy recovery! And you found some awesome treasures! :)

    Have a great week - hugs to your kitty.


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